Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I loooooove Designer Handbags!

I am a handbag ho, I admit it, there ain't no shame in my game. Problem is, I can't really afford to have all the ones I like, hee hee!

Found this quiz on Pink is The New Blog:

Take the quiz:

What type of designer handbag are you?

You are Coach. Chic and different is your motto. Being different and stylish is your forte, and everyone loves that! Don't forget that being yourself also means not being afraid to follow if need be.

Very fun. I admit, I was hoping to be a Louis Vuitton, but I guess I just haven't worked myself up to that level of fabulous-ness yet!


Blogger Melissa said...

You're Brighton. You are always in style and very ... bright. You tend to look on the good side of things. Stay that way!

Funny because I am the biggest fan of Brighton :) Oh, well. Guess I'm not a handbag ho, I used to be when I could afford them :)

11:19 AM  

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