Sunday, May 06, 2012

Boom, Sucker.

I had to run an errand today.  I got a coupon online for a free exercise ball at Sears.  It said it was good until the end of the month, but I knew if I waited that long they would be OUT.  So, we headed out to grab one.  When I saw what my husband was wearing, I chuckled to myself because I realized I could dress the boy almost identically.

He's his mini-doppelganger.  Heathered green shirt, dark jeans, navy hat.  Love it.  Yup - I'm easily amused.

Of course, because Sears in the mall, the play place HAD to be right outside where we walked so he could see it.  He begged and pleaded for us to let him play, but I don't like letting him play in the mall ones.  There are too many big kids running around unsupervised, knocking the little kids over.  They're usually overcrowded too and this one was no exception.  We managed to distract him long enough to get him out of there.  My husband suggested we stop by the McDonald's near our house for some play time instead, and of course, soft serve cones.

I love the chocolate soft serve at McDonald's.

The McDonald's by our house is cool because the play place isn't what you're used to seeing - no big tunnels for kids to get lost or stuck in, or that parents can't see how filthy they are inside.  This one has what they call a "Toddler Zone" where the stuff to climb on is more like the play area in the mall.  The only difference is that it is WAY less crowded.

The boy had a good time playing with this little girl.

He also likes to climb up on top of this ape that is about as tall as he is, then jump off.  Dang near gives me a heart attack every time, but I'm getting used to it.

Bubba and I each had a cone and my husband had a shake.  While we were there watching him play though, there were a lot of other kids and they ALL had Happy Meals.  The toy this week was some sort of spy themed stuff, and one of them was a little thing that you slipped over two fingers.  When you pushed a button, the top flipped open and out and had a little red light on the end.  It was called a Spy Shooter.

So all the boys are running around with these things shooting each other, of course.  Bubba came over to us and asked for a "Sweetie Box."  At first we couldn't figure out what he was talking about, then we realized - he wanted a Happy Meal.  Obviously for all the time I spend there (FETUS LOVES FRIES OKAY???) we really haven't bought him these much.  We told him no, we were going to have dinner when we got home.  besides, it was pretty obvious he didn't want one for the food!

Well, one of the other little boys let him hold his Spy Shooter and he was enthralled.  I mean, you should have seen this kid's face light up!  Eventually we told him he had to give it back, so he did with no argument and even thanked the boy for sharing.  Then he came over to us and sat there with just the saddest look you ever saw on his face, but he didn't say a word.


I'm not one to get my kid something just because everyone else has it.  I'm not one to cave to three year old demands just to keep the peace.  But damned if I don't have a soft spot for a kid who is sad because he's left out of the fun.  I grew up poor, and I know what it feels like to literally be the only one without something and to know there is absolutely no hope of getting it either.  I think if he had whined that he wanted one it would have been easier to stay strong.  But he didn't.  He played nice, and he shared, and he got a taste of the fun the other kids were having, only to have to give it back, and I'm a sucker.

So he got his Sweetie Box ($3.50 for an evening of pure joy?  Worth it.) and we spent the rest of the night explaining to him that you DON'T shoot (or "boom" as he called it) at people, but rather, objects.  Later that night he was overheard having Lightning McQueen explain this to Mater, so I guess  it sunk in a bit.  :)

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Blogger Tanja said...

LOL. SO been there! We did eventually find out you can buy the toy for a dollar and not get the meal. Well, we were ordering meals just not the 'happy' ones.

4:29 PM  
Blogger April said...

This is the sweetest little story ever. Good Bubba.

6:43 PM  

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