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Photo A Day Challenge - April

Hooray!  Instagram photo dump day!  Unfortunately, like many other things that happened in April, this ended up being a fail.  Here are the photos I did get.

1.  Reflection.  Our car is REALLY dirty.

2.  Color.  My son was playing with some cars on my bed that morning, so I went with the monochromatic color scheme he had created.  My husband is on a kick of buying him cars that he played with as a child.  This week he's all about the General Lee.

 3.  Mail.  The shirt for my Fresh Produce review (read it here) arrived via UPS.

4.  Someone who makes you happy.  Two someones, actually.

 5.  Tiny.  This little guy had excellent timing.  They stopped hanging out there a few days later.  I took this from inside the house.  Impressed with the clarity of the zoom on the iPhone.

 6.  Lunch.  We had Easter dinner at Ikea because we're slackers.  It was GOOD too.

7.  Shadow.  I let the boy go skinny dipping in the back yard. Words cannot express how much I love this picture.  It captures his personality (and skinny butt cheeks - ha!) so well.

8.  Inside your wallet.  I used to be a big wallet girl, then I realized a big wallet just meant I was carrying around more crap I didn't need.  I switched to this small Prada one years ago (serious proof that you get the quality you pay for!) so I could carry just the necessities.  Even so, I was surprised to see just how much junk I actually had in there!

9.  Younger you.  When I was about 22, I had this genius idea that I wanted to go from my dark brown, almost black hair to a pretty caramel light brown color.  I knew I couldn't just buy a box of hair dye and be successful, and I was too broke to go to a hairdresser.  My solution was to buy a box of drugstore hair bleach, because LOGICALLY light brown is halfway between dark brown and blonde, right?  I'll spare you the gory details, but after seeing the blotchy neon orange mess, I ended up having to pay for color correction anyway and had dark red hair for a while.

Oh, and this was also the second to last time I tried contact lenses.  My mom has green eyes and I always thought they were pretty, so that's what I got.  They freaked her out, haha.

10.  Cold.  I've consumed so much fresh squeezed grapefruit juice lately!  Always over ice.  YUM.

11. Where you ate breakfast.  I finally got around to cleaning off the patio furniture, so we had pancakes out there.

12.  Stairs.  This is where I started to fall behind.  There are no stairs in my house, and nothing with stairs in my neighborhood.  I had to actually wait until I went to visit a friend whose house is two stories.

13.  Something I found.  I found all of this vintage Pyrex and milk glass at various thirft shops and antique stores, with the exception of the lovely Fenton ruffled cake pedestal.  That was a gift.

14.  How I feel today.  Exactly how I look - TIRED.  Tired from being pregnant, tired of people's crap.

15.  Sunset.  This one got me behind too because I kept forgetting to go outside at the right time to get the photo!  The sky looks like a painting.

16.  Flower.  I cannot for the life of me figure out where the Instagram of this went!  Maybe because when I posted it to my feed I didn't use a filter, so it didn't save it to my phone?  This photo makes me way impressed with the new iPhone's camera.  Look at that detail and depth of field.  FROM A PHONE.  Whoa.

17.  Something I don't like.  Overripe bananas.  OH THE STENCH!!!  They got peeled, mashed, measured then stashed in the freezer.

18.  Hair.  This kid had some crazy bed head this morning.

19.  Orange.  I had dinner with a friend and the only soda in the fountain that did not contain caffeine was orange soda.  I usually just drink water, but tap is gross and I wasn't about to pay for a bottle of Aqcua Panna because I'm cheap, so I went with the soda.  It was actually pretty good.

20.  Something you drew.  Back before I scrapbooked, or made jam, or learned to knit, I used to draw.  I'm not so good at drawing things from my own imagination, but I can copy from a book like a champ.

21.  Bottle.  My mom gave me this bottle of vanilla extract from Mexico, and it was the best vanilla extract I've ever tasted.  It made my precious Nielsen Massey look like something from the dollar store.  This bottle is the size of a wine bottle and lasted for years.  I wanted to cry when it finally ran out because I knew there was no way to get more.

22.  The last thing I bought.  The doctor says I'm anemic, so I had to buy some iron pills.

23.  Vegetable.  I done grew me a carrot.  Bubba ate it and then asked for more.  WHOA.

...AND that's as far as I got this month.  Most of those were late too.  I'm not gonna sugar coat it; April, with the exception of a few highlights, pretty much sucked.  I'm sure my two and a half week absence was noticed.  I've not accomplished much.  I haven't worn makeup or properly styled my hair in almost three weeks.  At my doctor's appointment yesterday I was told I'm down three lbs (in two weeks!  in my 3rd trimester!) in spite of having a root beer float every night... sometimes two.

I'm stressed, and I'm pretty sure depression is trying to get back in.  My insomnia is out of control.  I'm going to bed at 5:30. 6:30, even as late as 9:00 in the morning.  I know I shouldn't let people get to me, but as soon as I start to get over one situation something else would happen.  It's not just the two situations that got posts here - there have been two more since then that I didn't post about because I didn't want this to become a totally negative space.  The last one really rocked me hard, and I'm still dealing with it.

I really hope May goes better.  Just two months until I get to meet my girl!



Blogger Wendy said...

I hope May is better for you...

7:51 AM  
Blogger Miranda said...

i love your pics. hope may is definitely better for you, hang in there.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Boni said...

Great photos! Love the bird photo. I hope May has started off great! :)

11:11 AM  

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