Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Baby, You're a Firework!

Guess what I did today?

Honestly, I don't know if I'm just really lucky and my OB stocks the good stuff, or if other people are bigger weenies than me, but I think this stuff tastes pretty good.  It's fruit punch flavored and actually tastes like Kool Aid if you ask me.  The hour went by pretty fast, except of course that I was exhausted because I got up three hours earlier than usual to make this appointment.  Cross your fingers that I pass because carbs are my main food group!!!

My belly button has been freaking me out for a while.  Last time I was pregnant, it didn't "pop" like most women's do.  It got shallow, but stayed a definite innie the whole time.  This time, however, is proving to be a different story.  It got shallow, then flat, and this past week, started to stick out a bit.  It's funny, because in the morning it's still an innie, but by bedtime it's out.  The reason it's freaking me out though (besides the fact that it's GIGANTIC AND GROSS LOOKING) is that when I cough, it feels a little sore and even scarier, it feels like there's something inside there that's trying to be forced out.  I've taken to holding my hand over my navel during coughing fits to try to balance the pressure.

I asked my OB about it, and she told me that most people actually have slight umbilical hernias so it wouldn't surprise her if that's what I was feeling.  She said that since I currently have a big ol' uterus blocking it off from everything though she's not worried.  There's no danger of my intestines falling out or anything.  Comforting.  :)

We also set a tentative birthday for Miss Kelly Bean!  Unless she decides to show up on her own earlier, I'm scheduled for a c-section on July 2.  Yup... that's a whole week after her due date.  The doctor wanted to do it on the 25th, but I asked her if we could do it later.  See, my husband's company has their fiscal year end that week.  Excellent timing, no?

Anyway, in the past year their team has had a few people promoted up and into other departments, but they haven't had any new hires or transfers to take those now empty spots.  This means that they're a teensy bit short staffed.  Add to that the fact that they switched to entirely new software a month ago that people are still learning... well, things are slower than usual.  They had their quarter end last week and apparently it was kinda brutal.

I know that a baby will come when it's good and ready, but if I'm going to schedule a c-section then I'd rather do it at a time where I'm not inconveniencing a bunch of other people and their families because they are working extra late each night to make up for being short yet another person.  Also, I know my husband and I know he'd be stressed and feel bad that he wasn't there to help out, especially since he's one of the trainers/help people for the new software.  It's his job to not only do his regular job, but to be available when someone else needs help or has questions.

I told my doctor this, and she agreed even though she said she doesn't like to go past the due date with a previous c-section.  She said that it would be better if he could be there entirely, you know?  So, a week late it is.  I'm okay with that.  It's going to suck, but by that point it will have already sucked for a while, so what's one more week?  HA!

On the way home, this came on the radio and it made me smile.

Let's hear it for an (almost) Fourth of July baby!



Blogger Becky M said...

I think your doc stocks the good stuff. I went to a test center and they had orange. It's not horrible but I wouldn't drink it if I didn't have to!
I hear you on the scheduling. You will need your husbands help, believe me! So best to have him present and not distracted and stressed by work.

5:10 AM  

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