Monday, May 07, 2012

33 Weeks

I came out of the bedroom yesterday after getting dressed and asked my husband if I looked alright.  He looked me over and said yes.  I looked down at my belly and the giant expanse of fabric in which it was swathed and then back at him.  He glanced at it again then apologetically announced, "You're kinda huge."

THANK YOU!  I'm so tired of people telling me that I'm "not that big."  I can't drive anymore because I don't fit behind the steering wheel of our car.  I was able to drive all the way up until I was due with Bubba.  I measured my waist and I'm FIFTY freaking inches around.  That's like two skinny girls - you'd think I ate one.  I'm massive and I still have two months to go!

I had a coupon I wanted to redeem yesterday for a free stability/exercise ball so I had to get dressed and comb my hair.  Since it's really hot here already (high 90s - YUCK) I did two things which I rarely ever do - I not only wore a sleeveless top (technically it's a dress, but I'm not that hoochie) and shorts.  With my on-board space heater, I need to be as cool as I can get, you know?  So here I am in all my gigantic, un-make-upped glory:

I'm kinda pale from sitting on the couch the past seven months, huh?

The dress is one I bought at Target on clearance a while back.  It has an empire waist and I thought it would make a good maternity dress.  I bought it the summer I miscarried, but I'm glad I kept it.  I like the colors, even if it could double as a tent.  The shorts were in a bag of maternity clothes my friend gave me after she had her baby.  I've never really worn shorts to my knee before because as a short person (27 inch inseam - holla!) I always thought they'd make me look stumpy.  When I was thinner I'd wear them a bit shorter than this, but not too short.  The problem was my stupid chub rub.  You walk, and your thighs push the fabric up so it looks like you're constantly picking your girl parts.  Not pretty.  Also, the chafing and the heat rash was pretty miserable.  So, no shorts for me!  These I like though.  I'd be open to buying them in this length in the future.

Kelly is doing well and kicking like crazy.  She's gone from the cute little all over rocking kicks to some serious elbow jabs that make me gasp and really hurt!  Also, there's the fun game she plays where she checks to see how far she can stretch my skin in any direction.  That's kinda painful too.  I can lay my hands on my belly now and feel how she's laying most of the time.  Sometimes if I apply pressure to one part of my belly she'll move on the opposite side.

I've added some more stuff to our baby crap collection.

Minky Boppy cover for $1.99 at the Goodwill?  Don't mind if I do!  Now I have two pink ones and a green one from when Bubba was a baby.

I've also added a lot more clothes to our collection.  Either they came from a thrift store or my friend gave them to me.  She has two girls, and has a friend who has three or four girls.  She gets all their hand me downs, and as her baby has been outgrowing stuff she's been letting me go through it.  I'm talking multiple trash bags crammed FULL of stuff!  I'm now set for newborn onesies and pajamas, that's for sure.  There have also been dresses, tights, hats, socks...  It's freaking awesome!

Here are some of my favorite new things:

I bought this dress at Goodwill for $1.99.  It's vintage, but it still had the tags on it.  Kick butt.

This came from my friend.  It's from Baby Gap, and so dang cute I made an exception to my "no pants" rule.  I love the embroidery on the top.

This was also from my friend's collection.  She was laughing because she knew that the dress was EXACTLY my style with one exception - it's purple.  I am just NOT a purple loving girl.  This is the first thing for the baby that's come into this house that is purple.  The things that won me over were the round lacy collar, the smocking, and the matching diaper cover.  OOH am I a sucker for a matching diaper cover.

This one is Carters and I found it at the Goodwill for $2.99.  Matching diaper cover even!

I forget where this one came from.  It's a 12 month size though, so I'm thinking Fourth of July next year?  MAN I love seersucker.

I don't remember where this one came from either.  It's a pale pink with purple and pink flowers.  I know it's looking more lavender in this photo, but it really isn't.  Notice how the background is all different colors in these photos?  They were all taken in the same spot, one after another.  Sometimes the color is wonky on my phone.

This was a gift from my friend Gail.  It has a matching sun bonnet!!!  I love it.

Ooh, notice something different about these photos?  Everything is on wooden hangers!  My friend Suzy bought me some that have little clips on them so you can keep the coordinating diaper covers with the dresses.  Pretty clever huh?

You really have to appreciate friends who realize your OCD is a real thing and love you anyway. As someone said at the shower, "I've never seen someone get so excited over hangers."  I don't have enough for everything so I hung things that had two pieces on those, and used what I had leftover to hang things that were left in the gaps.  The newborn things were too small to fit on them, so they stayed on the plastic hangers.  Sweaters and knits also stayed on the plastic hangers because I didn't want them to snag on the metal clips.

I love this section of closet so much!

Oh, that reminds me - check out this jacket I found at a thrift store for four dollars:

It is SO soft.  It doesn't have a size tag on it so I have no idea when it will fit.  I hope when it fits her it will be cold enough to wear it!  The inside is lined with satin and the tie to hold it closed has teeny carrots embroidered on the ends.  It's silly, but I luuuurrrrvvveeee it!

Here's a very... hmmm - upside down?  WHA??? - photo of inside of a dresser drawer.  I need to reorganize this!  I have footie pajamas in sizes up to a year, onesies, random diaper covers that didn't go with any specific outfit, socks, shoes, headbands, bibs, hats...  This drawer is a random catch all.  Most of the clothing items were found at Goodwill, or from my friend.  The shoes were gifts, as were some of the bibs and a few other items.  I bought a bunch of those stretchy baby headbands online and knit some hats.  Good stuff in here.

Finally, I leave you with these:

Come on, like I was gonna be able to resist these???  I know some people think buying sunglasses for a baby is ridiculous, but really, the earlier you get them used to wearing them the more likely it is that they WILL wear them.  We had a teeny pair for Bubba and he wore them until he outgrew them and we had to get a bigger pair.  It's just not a big deal to him to wear them now, pretty much like wearing his hats.  The sun here is so brutal so it's important to protect your eyes!

As for what we need... I still need to get more cloth diapers (we're using prefolds) and covers.  I need to get a few bottles (the ones I like are online only now, of course), a bottle cleaning brush, one of those things to protect the seat of the car when you put the carseat in, and some nursing tanks from Target.  I'll need to get some Bum Bum Balm and a bottle of my favorite baby wash (California Baby Overtired and Cranky!) as well.  OH!  And a bathtub I guess.  Maybe some binkies?  Really, not a whole lot.  I have a "wishlist" on Amazon that I'm using to keep track of stuff I want to get so I won't forget things.  It's pretty handy now that they've made it so you can add stuff from any website.

And that is the latest installment of my baby crap extravaganza!

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Blogger Shannon Smith said...

lol I thoroughly enjoyed this post:)

7:50 PM  
Blogger Felicia said...

Oh that little girl is going to be so well it!

11:32 AM  
Blogger emily said...

I'm loving seeing the baby girl things you have gotten! They are so fun to shop little one has better/more clothes than me!

5:22 PM  

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