Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Project Life - Week of 2/19 to 2/25

Remember before when I was saying how every week I'd get to the end of the week and feel like I hardly took any photos, only to find I took WAY too many photos?  Um... that wasn't a problem this week.  Well, should I say last week, because I'm still a little behind here.

Luckily, there are tricks such as using ephemera, printing my Tweets, having "filler" cards and of course, using lots of journaling to fill space on my pages.  Plenty of words are always a good thing.

Left side - Japanese curry doesn't photograph well. It's one of those foods that looks really kind of gross, but tastes wonderful.  When we had it for dinner I asked my husband to save the box from the sauce mix for me to use on this page.  I also gathered some of my tweets from the week and spliced them together in Photoshop.  I haven't done that in a while.  There are my February Photo Of The Day pictures in there too.  I've been seeing a lot of pages with doilies on them, and since I have a HUGE box of them that I scored while working at the hotel, I figured, what the heck?  I stuck it on a card from here (found on Pinterest) and then added the letter stickers.

Right side - LOTS of inspiration from Pinterest this week!  I had an extra space, so I went through my "Quotes" board on there and found that cute Live Simply graphic.  The Wednesday card was another Pinterest find this week, from this blog.  I totally lifted the design of the "lil' cook" card from this layout.  The "Today" card is from this set.  The foam letters came with a foam Easter egg decorating kit I picked up at Target for the boy.  He can't spell yet, so I called dibs.  HA!

No printable this week, because I'm trying to get caught up again.  I can't do that if I'm horsing around in Photoshop, you know?

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Blogger how i met your father blog said...

these pages are so amazing - you have such a talent!

2:49 PM  

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