Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twelve of 12 - October 2011

My day was rather ho-hum, but really, most of my days are. Just kickin' back and chillin' with the Bubs.

1. I love the days where he will lie in bed and let me snuggle with him for a while before we get up.

2. My strawberry milkshake breakfast! You just toss a cup of skim milk, ten frozen strawberries, and two scoops of dark chocolate Tera'swhey into the blender. It's awesome.

3. We hung outside in the front yard for a while. I borrowed some dies for the Epic from my friend Susan and cut out paper bats to hang on the patio.

4. Bubba took kitty cat for a spin on the Plasma Car in the driveway.

5. I practiced some chalk art.

6. The Bubs got into it too. He drew that spider all by himself!

7. We came inside for lunch, then we read pretty much every Dr. Seuss book we own. (I own a LOT of them.) Oh, but not The Cat in the Hat. I pretty much refused and told him to bring me something different every time he'd try to get me to read it.

It's so LONG! We've read it SO MANY TIMES too. Don't judge. :)

8. My dog seems to not understand the purpose of the dog bed.

9. While the boy napped, I did this for the first time. I'll tell you - it's hard. I struggled through parts, and I was sweating like a mother you-know-what. That being said, I don't think this is as hard as everyone says it is. Maybe it's just because I was only on week one, but I think that we work WAY harder in Boot Camp.

Also, we just started this thing with our electric company where we're charged a premium for power used from 3-6 pm. That means I have the A/C turned off for those three hours. Guess when the boy had his nap?

I need to do this in the morning when it's still cool, even if the boy is in the way.

10. My iPhone has no flash, so this is a really crappy picture of my late afternoon/early evening art project.

11. After a heavy lunch of quesadillas, and working out in my hot house, I had zero desire to cook dinner. I knew we had to eat though, but the only thing that sounded good was this salad/slaw that I had at a potluck a few weeks ago. I've seriously thought about it ever since! The only problem though was that all that fresh produce was definitely not in my fridge, so I figured I was out of luck.

Well, I looked again, and whaddaya know? While I may not have had the more common ingredients on the list, like peanut butter, I did have the exotic/more spendy ones already. All I really needed besides the peanut butter was a bag of coleslaw mix, a bag of shredded carrots, and some green onions. No sweat! I had two big bowlfuls and still came in under my calories for the day.

12. While we were watching tv, the boy found my 2lb weights and decided he wanted to work on his fitness too. Bubba Beefcake!

And now, I'm ready for bed. :)

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Blogger emily said...

I love your son's spider drawing:) And that smoothie looks really good!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your script. That's not something people say these days, so I will say it again. Your script is divine.

Also, I must have that Asian slaw.

4:30 PM  

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