Saturday, October 08, 2011

My Book Loving Boy

The boy came to my husband this morning and asked for the big red house. My husband looked at me in confusion, and I shrugged my shoulders, as I didn't know what he was talking about either. He kept chattering about a big red house though, and after a few minutes, started trying to get his dad to follow him into his bedroom.

A few minutes later they emerged with this:

Ah, the red Ikea tent. $5 well spent!

As my husband started to open it in the living room, I mentioned that it was nice outside so perhaps they should set it up in the back yard. They both trooped out there only to return a couple minutes later with my husband laughing. Apparently the grass was still wet from when the sprinklers went off this morning. My husband was putting the tent down in the grass and made this observation. The boy responded with the following monologue:

No no. The grass is too wet. It is too wet to play. So we sit in the house all this cold, cold wet day!

I sure do love this child and his little book loving self! Is it any surprise that The Cat in the Hat is one of my Kitty Cat Loving boy's favorites?

Oh, and before I forget - here's a photo of the place mat pillows on my couch.

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