Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twelve of 12 - July 2011

I remembered again this month! Yay! Here's how my twelfth went this month.

1. I found a copy of Finding Nemo for $5 at Goodwill. It came with both a full and widescreen disc, which is awesome! We stashed one so that when the first one inevitably gets scratched and mangled at the hands of our toddler, we'll have a backup. We watched it this morning for the first time and the boy LOVED it. It was a nice break from trains and cars.

2. Orange vinegar! I put the peels from the oranges I used in my breakfast smoothie to soak in some plain white vinegar. After it's steeped for a few weeks, I'll be able to use it for my cleaning recipes.

3. My breakfast smoothie, before it got smoothed out.

4. Um... some of us are still having issues with getting our underwear on the right way. He's better, but this one was particularly funny.

5. Frankenblender! My friend's mom gave me a blender that she didn't use, but it's not really working either. It will blend up the bottom few inches of stuff but the stuff near the top just stays suspended there. I think it's a design flaw in the jar - it's just really tapered near the bottom. You can tell that the motor on this one is better than my old one though so I got an idea. I put the jar from my old blender on the blade assembly of the new one and wouldn't you know - it's a perfect fit!

The lid from the new blender didn't fit the old jar so it got to keep it's lid. Someone *COUGHNOTMECOUGH* melted the little plastic insert that went in the middle though, so I plugged that piece from the new one into the old lid. I'll try it out later this week and see how it works.

6. I spray painted a few things. The little tray with all the compartments was a gift from my friend Suzy. When I saw it the first thing that I thought was that it would be a perfect display/storage piece for Hot Wheels! I cleaned it up and gave it a few coats of fresh red paint.

I also painted a picture frame I found at Goodwill for $3. I have plans for it, hee hee!

7. I went to drop off a few jars of jam to my friend's mom as a thank you for letting me pick apples from her tree. I was able to pick some of the last of her crop which was awesome! Hooray for free, organic apples!
8. This was the scene when I got home.

9. While we ate dinner (leftover enchiladas, of course, and they were better the second day!) we watched Master Chef. Can I tell you how much this girl's sour puss annoys the heck out of me? I saw this graphic a few weeks back, and when I saw this contestant she totally reminded me of it. She suffers from Chronic Bitchface. Seriously, even when the judges were complimenting her on something she did well she looked like this. I didn't even have to struggle to catch her with this expression, because SHE ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE THAT.


10. I changed the quotes on my chalkboards. This is a good reminder, I think.

11. Here is the other one. I'm working on changing up my "mantel" from the patriotic theme it's been sporting the past couple of months. I felt the quote was quite appropriate seeing as how I'm turning 34 (eep!) in about a month.

I found a strand of white Christmas lights with a white cord at Goodwill for just two bucks! I've been looking for one for ages. I stuck it inside my Goodwill birdcage, put some faux moss covered stones from the dollar store into a Goodwill vase, and stacked some books I found at the Goodwill on top of the scale I bought at the Goodwill.

HA! I love that place, truly.

Anyway, it's not done yet. This is just a sneak peek at how it will look until it's time to put out the Halloween decorations. I just had to get it in here since it's one of the things I did today.

12. After dinner I got to work peeling apples and managed to make four pints of applesauce from the apples we picked today. Not too shabby! These should tide us over until fall rolls around and I can get more cheaply.

There you have it - just a quiet day in July. :)

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Blogger Christy said...

Ah ha! I'm a Goodwill junky too! Great 12 this month.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the tush picture!

5:48 AM  
Blogger Maggi said...

You'd *never* know we were 9 years apart. Just sayin'. :)

Your days are so freaking productive.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Angie A. said...

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your photos... and posting them with your it... the one of the little guy and his underware made me chuckel....I love the goodwill store wish I would find some treasures more often oh well I guess thas what keesp us going back...

9:42 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

Very interesting 12 of 12, Miss Busy Body. :)

9:07 PM  

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