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One of my very favorite places on Earth is the ramen aisle in an Asian supermarket. As someone who grew up on ramen of the 10 for $1 variety, I can't help but be amazed at the vast selection they have. It's an entire aisle, a LONG aisle, full of packaged noodles of every variety you can imagine. There are brightly colored packages in many different languages, all hoping that they will be the one you choose.

I really wish I had my camera when we went so I could show you!

Last time we were there, my husband and I decided that instead of just admiring all of them, we'd buy a bunch to try. They cost more than your regular ramen noodles, but at under a buck a package, they're still a pretty cheap meal/snack. These are the ones we chose:

First off - you'll notice that they're not all ramen! Traditional ramen is fried, then formed into a brick and dehydrated before packaging. Here we have several different kinds of noodles.

I couldn't resist this one. Could you resist Kung Fu Ramen? Gotta love that retro packaging!

I picked up the chicken variety too. The idea of a Kung Fu Chicken amused me.

My husband picked out this pad thai version. I'm not a fan so I skipped it.

Look! They even had Chow Mein!

This one has been my favorite so far. It's pho (pronounced FUH) flavored. I actually picked a couple of different pho packages, but this one was way more flavorful than the others.

The big difference between these prepackaged noodles and regular ramen, besides the fact that they have more variety in the noodle types, is that they not only come with a powdered seasoning packet, most of them have also included a little packet of flavored oil and one of dehydrated veggies to add to the soup. It's really good!

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Blogger Katy Cameron said...

I have to admit I love getting my noodles etc in Chinatown here. There's a great wholesalers which has a huge variety of these sorts of things, my favourite of which are straight buckwheat noodles that come in 2 bundles a pack with a flavour sachet and a chilli oil sachet for each bundle - mushroom is my absolute favourite. I keep these for rare weekends when i have nothing else on :o)

I'm not sure if you have the ability to get the soup packs there though, because those are FABULOUS! You basically get a package of dried veggies, mostly a million and one varieties of mushrooms, plus some barley and other bits and pieces, and you lob them in with some stock/bouillon. I usually also add some fresh veggies like carrots and courgettes, plus some bamboo shoots and tofu that I've stir fried, and then freeze the lot to take into work for lunch in the winter - yummy!

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