Thursday, July 07, 2011

Goodwill Scores

I haven't posted about anything I've found at the Goodwill lately! There haven't been as many trips as there used to be due to a summertime tightening of our belts. Our electric bill is three times higher in the summer months than it is during the winter so we really have to watch our budget. I did stop by a couple of them last Saturday for 50% off day though. This was the big find of the day:

A gorgeous vintage scale in near-perfect condition. The only problem with this was the fact that it was FILTHY dirty. I think someone must have had it displayed over a stove or something, because it was that lovely greasy dust that was coating it. For $2.50 though, I decided it was worth putting a little elbow grease into it. I checked first to be sure that the pictures wouldn't come off if I scrubbed them with a little spit cleaning (I know, gross, but it had to be done and I didn't have any antibacterial wipes in my purse at the moment) and they seemed good, so into the cart it went!

I busted out by grease fighting pal for this one. We don't use this stuff to do dishes because it's not biodegradable like our preferred Seventh Generation liquid, but it's great to put on your clothes if you happen to get grease spots on them. Just a little dab rubbed into the spot, then toss it in the wash!

I wiped one section of the scale at a time with a damp washcloth, then smeared a few drops of the Dawn over it. Then I proceeded to scrub! Check out the difference:

Gross, right?

It's all nice and clean and shiny now. Look how great the condition of the enamel on the weighing plate is! I haven't found a place for it yet, but you know me - I will.

When we were out last Saturday, one of the things my husband picked out was a cd. Well, we got home and the case was empty, which meant I had to go back to the Goodwill to A) see if they even had it (some keep the cds under the registers due to theft) and B) if they didn't have it, to return it.

I know - DARN, I had to go back to the Goodwill.

Well, they didn't have it, but I did find some other fun stuff. Of course! My favorite find? Well, see this?

That's my old cookbook holder. I bought it at the ASU bookstore when I was in college. It cost about three or four dollars. It was okay, but it's kind of flimsy and not at all stylish. If you're not careful, the whole thing will tip over with your cookbook on it!

Well, yesterday I came across this:

It's nice and heavy, looks pretty enough to leave out, and was also only four bucks! I am very pleased indeed!



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