Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yesterday Was A Good Day

You know it's true! I saw this sign on the door of a Goodwill today and I had to snap a photo. Even though it was threatening rain, and even rained on us while we were en route to our first stop, I just had that "I need to go sift through other people's old crap" urge that needed satisfying! I made five stops and spent maybe $30 total, which is not bad. These were my favorite finds today.

I've been reading Ashley (the Domestic Fashionista) rave about this book for the past few months, so when I saw a like-new copy for only $2.99 I just had to snatch it up. Seeing as how I have two boys in my house who aren't crazy about veggies, I'm sure I can find a recipe or two in here that will come in handy.

This was mostly for my husband's amusement. It has two discs inside that were like new (just a little fingerprinty) and was only $4.99! He was pretty excited to see it so I'm glad I grabbed it.

Pinterest (blessing and curse that it is!) has gotten me again. I've been resisting collecting vintage Pyrex for SO LONG. I would see pieces here and there, but I wouldn't buy them because I just didn't think I needed to be starting yet another collection, you know? Well, then I found that set of four Gooseberry pink Cinderella bowls, and the thought of collecting got even stronger, but still, I resisted. I told myself that I would only buy more if they were pink and went with the bowls that I had.

Well, enter Pinterest. I kept coming across photos of collections of Pyrex, and the combinations of colors and designs were just to pretty to resist. I love how bright and happy they are! I suppose it's a natural extension of my milk glass collection. After all, vintage Pyrex is just painted milk glass! So, now I find myself checking these pieces as I find them to see if they're in good condition and if they are, indeed, Pyrex.

Today I found three!

This one is called Early American. It's a milk chocolate brown with the designs in metallic gold. Bubba liked the cat at the end. :) Four bucks!

These two were found sitting side by side on a shelf for $4.99 each. Since I had a coupon with me (which is rare) these ended up being only $4 each too. The green one is called, appropriately enough, Verde, and the blue one is called Blue Doily. You can find the names of the patterns here. It's fun to be able to put names to them.

I also picked up another vintage pillowcase (I'm planning on using them to make a quilt... one day), a pair of Gap shorts for the boy, a Children's Place shirt for the boy, some ceramic dishes that matched ones I already had, and a large picture frame for $3. Not bad for a day's work!



Blogger Connie said...

I have a bizarre adoration for vintage Pyrex and am thrilled/jealous of your findings!

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#1 - I love your blog design!
#2 - I equally love goodwill, although that love is definitely rivaled by my addiction to dollar aisle shopping! Your post reminds me of the ones I do after my dollar aisle binges!

7:53 PM  

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