Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The boy has three new friends this morning.

Red, Orange, and Yellow will be joining the Original Ninja, Black, this morning. I have cut out the felt for Green and Purple, but alas, I do not have any kelly green or purple thread in my stash. Also, I somehow managed to forget to buy blue felt when I was getting my supplies together for this project. A trip to Hobby Lobby is in order sometime this week to get those things, as well as some felt for Brown, Pink, and maybe Gray. Oh, and more buttons for eyes.

Thank you for all the great feedback on my first ninja! Unfortunately, because I have come to learn that the "icon" on which I based my design is a trademarked video game, I cannot sell these in my Etsy shop. I can't afford to get sued for copyright infringement! However, I think it would be okay to make them for my own use, because they're not exactly the same.

It did get me to thinking though - Etsy is kind of a pain in the butt. You have to pay fees to list and then if your stuff doesn't sell (which lets be honest, there's so much on there it's a wonder ANYONE finds me) you are out of luck. Then you have to go through the hassle of relisting! Don't even get me started on eBay either. Ugh.

So I was thinking - what if, under that button up there that says "shop" there was just a listing of stuff that I made that I had for sale? I wouldn't have to relist stuff, because blog posts don't expire. Then, if someone was interested in an item, all they would have to do would be to email me using that handy "contact me" button and I could give them my PayPal information. This also led me to think, what if I made something just for fun, but someone came along and was all like, "HEY! I need me one of those!" (come on, it's just me who thinks that?) Of course, me being me I just don't really think about selling the stuff I make usually, but if someone really wanted one then all they'd have to do is shoot me an email and ask if I could make them one too. Then I'd say yes or no, and quote a price if need be.

I think this is genius. No listing fees, no hassle of relisting, no putting things out there only to be rejected by the world... okay maybe I'm getting carried away here. But seriously - if you have seen something that I've made, and you want one, just ask. I could use the moolah!

I'm thinking about offering up my services for blog banners and custom Print-Your-Own invitations/announcements too. Hmm. Thoughts?


Done! You can see my first offerings by clicking here or the "Shop" button at the top of the page. Thanks for looking!

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Blogger Maggi said...

You see, I don't get how this stuff works. One lady on JustMommies ordered a buttload of custom-made paintings of Dr. Seuss stuff from someone on etsy; how's that not copyright infringement? I don't know where the line is drawn, in situations like that.

I think if you get most of your business through your blog readers, it'd totally make sense to just list stuff through here. I wish I had money; I'd totally hit you up for a ninja, or one of those cool buntings you made a few weeks ago.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Miss Anne said...

I love this idea... and plan on shopping... :)

i wanna get a plushy of some sort for baby Liam... do you make any pirates? (J's a HUGE pirate fan)

:) and what's a bunting????

5:08 PM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

Good idea. The only down side to getting off of Etsy is that you do miss those random shoppers that don't know you or your blog. But I would personally look for you here before Etsy anyway. Hope you get some hits. And good job on your little ninjas. Really cute! You are so good. :)

5:15 PM  

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