Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today we went to Ikea because I needed a couple more of these:

I love these Burken jars on their own, but I especially love the way they look when there are rows of them together. I use these in my pantry to store staples such as steel cut oats and cornmeal that I buy in bulk, as well as snacks such as cheesy crackers. I use my OCD Enabler (aka the P-Touch labeler) to put a simple label on the front edge of the lid to keep everything looking nice and neat and organized.

I have had an Ikea Snille chair as my scraproom chair for years now, because it is pretty comfortable and it's super cheap. They also don't look too bad and come in pink! Last week, I leaned back a little too far and it got a big crack in the side, right next to where one's derrière would rest while sitting. I had visions of not only getting my rear end pinched in there, but even worse, little man's fingers as he partook in the favorite pastime of climbing in and out of that chair. Luckily they sell these in parts, so I only had to spend six bucks to get a new replacement top. Kick butt. I love that I can just replace the part I needed and not the whole thing, which would be terribly wasteful.

We also picked up some Soda straws while we were there. Now, I know that straws are terribly environmentally irresponsible, but my OCD wins out in this battle. I do not like putting my lips on a glass. It grosses me out so bad! I can handle drinking out of bottles, but glasses are a no go if I can help it. I've considered a reusable straw, but the fact that you can't really scrub inside of them to be sure they are truly clean also makes that not possible. Sorry environment. Can we still be friends?

On a whim we picked up one of these Karby rugs because it was only $17.99. The boy has been trashing the carpet in front of the sofa with water drips. Wet spots on cheap carpet attract dirt like no other, and it's showing! Also, since we spend so much time on the couch, in front of it is where the carpet gets dirtiest anyway. I've been meaning to get a rug for a while, but they're so expensive and I could never find any that I liked. This one was cheap and simple and goes with our decor, so it will work for now. The price being more than half off didn't hurt any either.

We were cruising through the kid's section when I spied a box of chalk. The one I got only had four pieces of white though, what a rip! Still, for two dollars you can't be mad. Before Bubba was born we made the decision to go with a feeding table instead of a high chair, and it came with a small folding chair as well as a removable tabletop for use when he got bigger. One side of the table top is smooth white, like the rest of the table, but the other side is a chalkboard! We spent a good hour just drawing and erasing this afternoon. He loves to erase.

I picked up this little white Kardemumma plant pot for my orchid. The orchid came in a plastic pot, which according to the orchid care site I found is actually a good choice for it. The problem is that a clear plastic pot is UGLY! Enter this! The little plastic pot fits perfectly inside, and all I have to do is lift it out when it needs watering.

We got out of Ikea spending only $54. How kick butt is that?

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Blogger Samara Link said...

Wow, you got a lot for $54! I also love those jars, and now that I've been shopping at Sprouts and buying stuff in bulk, I've been fantasizing about doing that in my pantry, too. Inspired by you. Maybe the label maker is what I need to push me over the edge and make it happen. :) Hmmm.

5:09 PM  

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