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Photo Hunt Challenge - June

I've been watching Sam do these photo hunt challenges on her blog for a while and I thought they looked like fun. At first I was thinking I couldn't really do them justice because I don't have a "nice" camera. Then I decided, what the heck, if I'm going to be all ghetto about it, I'll just use my iPhone and be ghetto in style, y'all. I even ran my pics through the Shake It Photo app (like the ubiquitous Hipstamatic but only a buck!) to make them more ghetto fabulous!

I actually was going to do the challenge before this one, but I started too late and didn't have time to get all my photos. This time I was more successful.

Hilarious Out-takes

I don't know how hilarious this is, or if it's even the right sort of thing. We were playing around with this bandanna and the baby was wearing it all Tupac/Thug Life style on his head. He took it off and dropped it on his Sleep Sheep's head which was pretty funny to me. Sheep is the Anti-Hardcore Gangsta.

A Creative Crop

Another one that I'm not sure I did right. This was the very last photo I took, and I took it today. You can't win them all!

Sun Flare

I had to Google how to take a photo of sun flare because I have spent my entire life trying to avoid it. How stupid is that?

Sweet Dreams

My boy, passed out asleep on the floor. That black thing by his hand would be my pillowcase. He likes to pull it off my pillow and carry it around.


My work, as you know, is that of a mom and wife. I think having a full jar of freshly baked cookies in my kitchen is a good symbol of what I'm trying to do here.


I took the boy to the splash pad at a local mall. He refused to let go of his toy trucks the entire time.


This is the chicken from the marinade recipe that I posted the other day. Now you know why I made it!


This was the boy's first time getting to ride in one of these carts, and he LOVED it. I don't think he's ever been so entertained at the grocery store before. The fact that the steering wheels had squeaky horns only made it so much better.


Bubba's College Fund. I got this old glass water cooler bottle from my mother, and this is how we jokingly refer to it. The boy contributed the Starbucks straw. :) If you give him change, he knows to go put it in the jar.

A Fountain

The fountain in the courtyard at church, with a statue of St. Francis in the background. People look at you funny when you start climbing the fountain in a dress to snap pics from above!

A Night Scene

The boy likes to sit on his bed with all of his plush friends and look at books in his jammies. If you look in the lower right hand corner, you can see that Gidget decided to join him this evening, but was going a bit incognito.

Black & White with Selective Coloring

This was the only photo that I did not take with my phone, because I had no way to edit it this way. I did send it to myself to make it into a Polaroid though so it would fit with my theme. I bought these flowers as part of a bouquet for my husband on Father's Day. They're in an antique blue canning jar next to my kitchen sink. That pop of bright red there makes me really happy.

Something Old

My husband dresses like a hobo. What can I say? He wears his clothes and shoes into the ground and doesn't see why this is a problem. Ugh.

Something New

Cotton Training Pants! I picked up a few pair of these to try out. Um, so not successful. You really have to commit to being on top of that ALL DAY!

Something Borrowed

Borrowed time. Get it?

Something Blue

He was mad at me for something or other. Probably because I wouldn't let him have a cookie.

Something Musical

I picked up this mini guitar at a thrift shop last fall when we had grand plans of dressing the boy as a grunge rocker for Halloween. At the last minute I decided that was lame and we went with the super cute bear costume instead. So, now we have this little guitar with no strings. I plan to have it strung and just let him play with it. Maybe he'll be the next John Mayer? Hmm...

Something Purple

He's wearing his dad's University of Washington hat and a purple shirt that his grandma bought him. I seriously think this may be all the purple in my house. It's not one of my favorite colors.

Something Yellow

My weakness - yellow cake from a box with chocolate frosting from a tub. So gross, but so, so good.

Something Scenic

A highway shot somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I love the gradation of color in this and the placement of the clouds. So pretty.

There you go! My Ghetto Fabulous Fake Polaroids From a Camera Phone edition of the photo hunt challenge! :)

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Blogger Samara Link said...

I popped in this morning to see what new posts there were for the challenge, and I literally skipped over a few people to check yours out. (Sorry ladies, I'll be back.) First off, so excited that you did it! That's cool. Secondly, I really like the app you used. Your photos look great! Uniformed, cool, interesting. Lastly, I'm impressed with the thought you put into your entries. They're very you (about your life, what you're into, but clever and creative) and I think you actually got some totally solid shots. As in, I think you're getting better at composition, fancy camera or not. I was quite impressed.Your something scenic is awesome. LOVE it. Something musical is a total framer. Very sweet, natural looking. Creative crop and hilarious out take made me laugh -- with you, not at you. :) Something old (you're not kidding -- he really wears those?!) and something new (how exciting!) were entertaining. And I loved everything about transportation. It's creative, well framed up and it evokes an emotion in me as I see it. I'm not sure what, but it does, for sure. Anyway, great job. Seriously. It's totally not ghetto. It's fabulous.

5:28 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

That was fun ... love your take on the challenges! And the Polaroid app is perfect ... super cute!

6:58 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

I love your scenic photo, your musical one should be framed, something blue- love it, I wanted to capture the mood too, but never had the oppurtunity, like the selective coloring too- very nice and crisp, your cookie jar is making me hungry...maybe I'll do some baking today. :o) That was a creative shot to show work. Great job! Really enjoyed your pictures.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

7:07 AM  
Blogger kellybelly said...

What a fun idea! Your pictures are lovely :)

7:25 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

Can't believe you did all of those with an i-Phone! They're great!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Ang said...

great collection! your creative crop made me laugh!!

9:32 AM  
Blogger da mainiac mama said...

Wonderful collection. Your something scenic rocked!

5:15 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

You did a great job with all your photos!! and on an iPhone, wow!! Thanks for playing along!

11:04 AM  

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