Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hmm... I have a LOT of crap.

As promised, I took a few photos of my now clean scraproom. As you can see, it's VERY full. Organized well, but full.

This is the view from the door. From left to right: Altered letters up near the ceiling (everytime I see one in a new style I buy it to alter and add to the collection), paint, sewing machine, basket of scrap paper, shelf with tools in drawers and other misc items, CM circle cutters, beanie Husky that I take to UW vs ASU games on a noose, my ancient SLR in it's bag, PSB with misc stickers, more drawers with embellishment organization, photo boxes with plain envelopes, blank cards, and misc photos I have no plan or desire to scrap, mini books that I will make one day in a basket, computer manuals and misc computer stuff in another basket, SIS drawers with adhesives, rubons, fabric, and ribbon, misc. things on shelves that make me happy, sorority composites (didn't get one my last year in, grrr), gift wrap holder, dog bed, pink aluminum tree with misc trinkets, and some stuff that's in another photo so I'll describe them there.

My expedit shelves. I have magazines and idea books mostly on the short side, and then cardstock, foam stamps, binders with stickers, journaling spots, unmounted stamps, etc, boxes with more embellishments and jewelry tools, a few albums in progress (most of them are in the living room), misc. craft supplies in baskets, Xyron, Sizzix and QK stuff, a lightbox... those shelves hold SO much! Above them to the left are small bits of framed artwork, to the right chipboard organization, giant clothespins which are currently empty, a little box with misc. small frames for pages, a basket full of mini books, a riding crop from my Halloween costume last year (I was a lion tamer), and an ASU pom pom, a bulletin board of happy stuff, and my stripper pole (gave up it's spot to the crib, growing up is hard sometimes).

Computer area: Junk that makes me happy, small drawers with acrylic mounts for stamps, thread for the sewing machine, notions, etc, the Silhouette, another little drawer thing for odds and ends so my husband has a home for them, a printer, the computer, and the big nice Epson printer/scanner. Here you also see the front view of the short expedit shelf with all my idea books and magazines neatly sorted by theme. You also get a better view of my little "art gallery". On top of the shelf I have jars with flowers and Heidi Swapp tape.

My actual work area. There are still a few items on the table that need homes, but I got most of it done. From the left again (small wall by door): Happy Bunny framed postcards way up high, embossing powders, small shelves with more embossing powders, fun flock, and stickles in tins, plastic boxes with bling, and my Farewell Fat Ass card deck that I started for a weight loss challenge but then got pregnant (oops!).

Above the table: shelving. You'll notice that the top shelf actually has two boards. That's because Ikea ran out of the brackets, so I have to go back and try to find them in stock. They said it could be over four weeks!!! Grr. I like to save pretty shopping bags, so I have a big Gucci one and a big Coach one with happy colors. Also up there are a toaster oven, baskets with misc. supplies and various styles of cd boxes (remember the wooden AOL ones?) to alter, and a little drawer unit with random items such as thumbtacks, x-acto knife blades, magnets, etc.

On the table itself: a SIS hutch with small embellishments (photo turns, giant brads, charms, etc) in jars up top, UTEE, paint brushes, baby wipes, oversized punches, teeny tiny alphabet rub ons in a tin, my DW calendar (which is ALWAYS on the wrong day! Actually, I think this is last year's that I'm reusing for that very reason), and along the very bottom, a whole bunch of tins with ink pads, reinkers, etc. sorted by type.

I also have my paper trimmer, a mini hamper with all my various rulers, oversized alphabet stickers held up with a giant clothespin, and the Making Memories carousel. That has frequently used items like pens, favorite adhesives, tools, etc.

Next to the work table is the stamping table. I used the Ikea Stripa shelves to display the larger stamps as well as the ones that didn't have a category. On the bottom shelf there are a few tins with small bottles of art mediums like stains, varnishes, gesso, etc. Underneath are some Fira units painted in "my" colors that have smaller stamps sorted by theme. To the left of those is a small basket with little notebooks and a couple of pens, because I'm always freaking looking for one. Under the table are two mesh file baskets that house my patterned paper, sorted by color. Well, mostly sorted by color. Newer purchases just kinda got shoved into the front and need to be sorted into the appropriate envelopes!

The pendant lights are also from Ikea, I think they're called Gade? They're only $10 each and super bright. I get really good light now with them all in a row like that. I have one more that I want to hang over by the Expedit shelves to aid in picking out cardstock at night. I also have to organize some power cords and figure out what the heck happened to my embossing gun. I didn't come across it at all yesterday!

So yeah, there's still some work to be done in there, but just piddly little things. Maybe I'll have some layouts to post later. :)

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Blogger emily said...

I LOVE your room and am also incredibly jealous! I would never want to leave that room. So many things and ideas I might have to steal...I esp love the little art "gallery."

1:12 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Wow! Very neat and organized! I'm very good at messing mine up right after I get it in order!
Oh, and I love the cake from a few posts back. BEAUTIFUL!

1:36 PM  
Blogger EatCrayons said...

Oh my gosh, looks awesome! You've put my expedit shelves to shame. You might have a lot of stuff, but it looks so purddy, and fun. You found a pink Ikea chair? I'm so jealous...mine is white, blah.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Staci said...

Wow! I love your organization! TFS.

4:14 PM  
Blogger em said...

Looks GREAT! :)

5:13 PM  

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