Saturday, June 28, 2008

Productive! Frugal!

That was me today!

I finally got up off my butt and went to work on the scraproom. It was partially not my fault we let it sit like that mess for so long though. When we moved the computer from the old room to the new one, it kinda died on us. We had to get it serviced. A new power supply and a LOT less dust bunnies later, we're back in business.

The computer is connected, the shelves are hung, and most everything, with the exception of a couple of small items, is in it's place. Ikea ran out of the brackets I needed for my long shelves, so that's not done yet, but it's not a really big issue at this time. I'll take some photos tomorrow when the sun's out and the lighting is better. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

After I was done, I had a short nap, and then we headed to the mall for dinner because I wanted a smashed potato from Steak Escape. I also wanted to pick up a few items. I needed some mascara (I'm a Diorshow addict, thanks Susanne!), a small tote/purse to take to my husband's softball games, and the crib skirt I picked out was on sale this week. I saved $15 on it! I used a $40 rewards certificate (Nordy bucks ROCK) on the mascara and applied the $14 that I had left towards the tote. Total bargain shopper tonight.

I got all those items, plus these:

ONLY three things, that's not too bad, right? Oh, and it's all wintery stuff too, we didn't have enough of that. The onesie was on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids for only $5. The jacket was on clearance at Gymboree. I love the little froggy lining in the hood and the fuzzy frog peeking out of the pocket! Of course, the hat was a must-buy, seeing as it had ears, and knowing what a sucker I am for stupid baby hats. I paid full price for that one because I have impulse control issues.

Other than those three small items, I totally stuck to my list. I'm proud of myself. Also, I was going to get a pedicure today, but I decided I can polish my own dang toenails. That's another $30 I can put towards baby crap. I'm thinking, hotsling!

Maybe I can practice using it with the dog before the baby gets here...

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Blogger EatCrayons said...

Awww cute, cute...froggies. Fellow sucker for stupid baby hats, esp. those with ears!

Okay...Hotslings are cool and all but you know what's even cooler!? Babe-a-gogo! ( ) Customizable. You can also find the pouch slings on etsy.
..and on the subject of baby wearing, have you seen BabyHawk? ( Ya should...Baby E and I swear by it.

OH! I checked out the gDiapers, hubby and I are really considering them. Thanks!

4:38 PM  

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