Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is that a layout?

Yeah, I bet everyone forgot that I even scrapbooked at all!

I did this two or three weeks ago, but I haven't gotten around to scanning it until now. I suck.

This morning, I started thinking about potato salad. I wanted some so bad, so I made up a little shopping list for my husband and sent him out at about one in the afternoon. He ran to Costco (it's about a mile away) and bought some bottled water and Carnation Instant Breakfast, then came home and dropped it off. He headed right back out again right away, and then I didn't see him until AFTER SIX PM!!!

That's right, it took him four hours to run to the grocery store. There are three stores within a mile from here, and the Whole Foods where he elected to go is about three miles away. So, what happened?

Well, he went and got a haircut. And, of course, going to the grocery store takes time. Oh, and he stopped by the mall to find a new pair of sunglasses.

So, while I'm sitting at home, waiting for him to bring me some stuff so I can make potato salad, he's off running errands. I could have killed him. I may have had a bit of a meltdown because I was so hungry. And the worst part is that once I have it in my head that I want a certain thing, NOTHING else tastes right. Even if it's something that I regularly enjoy, it just tastes wrong if I'm having a craving something.

So, since it was too late to make potato salad (it takes too long to start that late) and I couldn't just go buy some (I don't like mustard, or super goopy potato salad which rules out store bought ones), I ended up having potato chips, part of a frozen dinner, and frozen cream puffs for dinner.

I feel gross.

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Blogger emily said...

I love the torn notebook paper on your layout...very nice job! And what's wrong with Frozen Cream Puffs for dinner? I love the one's from BJ's (like Costco).

3:29 PM  

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