Saturday, May 17, 2008

Been shopping again

Oh, baby clothes are addicting, I swear. I've got this whole new, super adorable shopping genre open to me now. We bought a few more things today. I had to go get my new maternity jeans from Nordstrom where they were being tailored, and you know, since we were at the mall already, we decided to poke around. We were pretty good though, almost everything we bought was on sale or clearance today.

Little Nike jacket and pants (both on clearance), the cutest little argyle socks you ever saw, a pacifier pod (Devon has one and I really liked it, so I'm a copycat), an Osh Kosh hoodie (clearance), a baby Gap astrology onesie (97 cents!!!), a little sweatervest/tee shirt combo (clearance), Gymboree puppy socks (clearance), more little super soft socks, and a little organic cotton Mutts outfit.

This photo, everything from Gymboree, and everything on clearance except the lion hat, which I just had to have because it was cute. The orange socks near the top are supposed to look like dinosaur feet, and therefore, they cracked me up, so we got them.
We went to go see a movie, and had some time to kill beforehand, so we popped into the Babies R Us a few doors down from the theatre. My husband wanted to start a registry, so we went and got a gun and had a good old time picking things out. I let him wield the scanner, because I'm nice like that. We didn't really get done, since we only had about an hour, and baby clothes seem to be a weakness for him (he gets stuck there, I swear!) but we plan on going back another day and being more thorough with our selections.

We also stopped at the new Sprinkles cupcake shop that opened near the mall, since the line wasn't wrapping around the building anymore. The line inside was still long though. Also, with the west facing wall of windows and the amount of people crammed into that itty bitty space, it was hella hot in there. We bought four cupcakes and each had one while sitting in the car in the parking lot. They were very good, but I would have been okay with a half, as they were VERY rich.

All in all, a pretty damn fun day.

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Blogger Devon said...

Aw it sounds like it was a great day!!! I am so addicted to buying clothes it's ridiculous!!! I have a huge weakness for Carter's, they are my poison. It's so much fun though! Very cute things you bought, I love those dino socks.
Hmm, there's a sprinkles out here huh? Where, I might have to head on down there!!
Glad you are having a great time shopping. Just wait till Sawyer gets here, it's amazing!!

8:35 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

Great score on all the clothes! I had to laugh at your hubby out shopping you, my dh was the same way, in fact he can rarely run to Target by himself without bringing Asa home some item of clothing!

On a thrifty note, we bought a bucket full of cute brand new or close to it items at Good will. Especially NB-6months as they barely wear things. Last month I found the coolest pair of Gymboree swim trunks for $2. So check out thrift and consignment stores it's so worth it! He's got Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and other name brands from there.

1:42 PM  

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