Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ants and Vinegar

Bubba is seventeen weeks, and according to my little ticker, can hear now. To celebrate, we purchased a Classical Music for Baby cd and a pair of those headphones that are just the headphone and little clip that hangs over your ear. I've been wearing them in the waistband of my pants and playing music. In honor of my sweet husband, Bubba also got to listen to a little bit of Pearl Jam today too. Only songs from their first album though. A girl has to set some sort of standards for her children, after all!

For Mother's Day, my sweet husband scoured the kitchen. He brought me some absolutely gorgeous Stargazer lilies this morning. Unfortunately, I also got another unexpected gift:

Teeny tiny black ants.

All over the dining room table, up the leg of the table, along the baseboards, in my tote bag with the cake decorating stuff... ugh. Who ever heard of getting ants in a second floor apartment? The worst part is that they are coming from under the baseboard, which means I have no way of finding a point of entry, it could be anywhere along there. I can't go outside to look for it, because I'm upstairs. I can't have the bug guy come spray, because I can't have the pesticides in the house. I can't do the natural boric acid mixed with powdered sugar cure, because the dogs might eat it.

We ended up cleaning everything really well and then spraying along the base of the wall with vinegar. It evaporates pretty fast, so we have to keep applying it. My house smells like pickles. BLAH.

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Blogger bridgette said...

ok so this is gonna sound a little wierd to you but who knows maybe not. anyway, i've been following your blog through 2peas. i'm more of a lurker there. some days i read and want to comment but never do cuz i really dont want to sound like a freak. after reading today i had to laugh. i saw your gucci box and well if you visit my blog you will know why i laughed. mine isnt gucci but the boxes are close to the same and the bag kinda. well, my husband just couldnt understand why the winnie the pooh from walmart wouldnt work for us. after 5 kids i thought he knew better,lol. i'm thinking if you click on my comments you can access my blog. yay or nay? not sure. anyway, have a good day bridgette.

1:39 PM  
Blogger em said...

Happy Mother's Day :) Sorry to hear about the ants!

4:34 PM  
Blogger BMT said...

Sounds silly, but try baby powder...(I swear) and it will smell better!

5:49 AM  

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