Thursday, May 08, 2008

Forget Wire Hangers, no Walmart Babies!!!

So, I had my 16 week doctor appointment the day before yesterday. Everything is looking good, with the exception of a little blood in my urine, that the doctor seemed unconcerned about. Oh, and she said I wasn't drinking enough water. I was shocked to hear that, because, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I drink a LOT of water. I probably drink more than anyone I know. It's crazy how much I can go thorough in a day. But, you know, doctor's orders, so I'm trying to step it up a bit. I did over a gallon and a half yesterday, not counting a mini Powerade and a lemonade with lunch.

At the end of my appointment she was like, okay, I'll see you in four weeks! Then she says, well... I guess I could let you come in two weeks from now to let you do your ultrasound. It would be kinda mean to make you wait the full four weeks, wouldn't it? I just gave her a stupid grin, you know, cuz I'm verbally gifted like that. So, I get to see Bubba again on the fifteenth! That's only a week from today!

I'm crossing my fingers that Bubba cooperates and shows us the goods, because I am DYING to know what this baby is going to be. I want to go shopping! There are stupid hats to be bought, people. I have needs. My husband and I are both taking the entire day off from our respective jobs. The appointment is at 10 am, and by the time they see us and we're done there it will probably be close to noon, which means lunch and then hitting the mall. I'm so freaking excited I don't know how I'll sleep the night before. This is bigger than Christmas and Disneyland COMBINED.

Today, I had lunch with Devon. We hit the mall food court, and I got to enjoy not only her company, but her 3 1/2 month old son's as well. I'm telling you, I've seen pictures of the child, but they so don't do him justice. This is a really freaking cute kid! He just sat there, and grinned at us and babbled and drooled quietly the whole time. He was a good ad for a baby, haha! Definitely not a Walmart baby. (Bubba, take note!) It was a fun time, and I even ate some steamed veggies with my Sbarro pizza. Trying to be healthier, you know, for Bubba's sake and all.

At work, we're doing this huge sales blitz, and I've gotten to play graphic designer for the past week or so. My husband says this could potentially be the start of a freelance portfolio, since it is technically a corporate event, which means I'm doing graphic design work in a professional capacity. It's all a beach theme, so I used lots of surf boards and palm trees in my signs and the invitations. I'll tell you what, working on Photoshop all day sure makes the time pass a lot faster than my normal administrative tasks, that's for certain!

This weekend involves plans for sleeping and eating. Life is Good. :)

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Blogger Devon said...

Aw thanks!! I enjoyed having lunch with you too. Thanks for saying my kid is cute, I think so too but I'm kinda partial!!

8:43 PM  
Blogger EatCrayons said...

LOL @ bigger than Christmas and Disneyland combined. So true.

Drink orange juice just before your big revealing ultrasound! :)

I had orange/pineapple juice just before mine with my last, she was all over the place, no hiding the grily bits. Plus, with her being so active it was a more timely process to gather proper measurements. I got to see her longer! HeeHee.

9:23 PM  

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