Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mardi Gras

When you are 21, Mardi Gras is about getting shit faced and considering showing your goods to get some beads.

When you are 30, not so much anymore. At least, not for me.

With fat Tuesday, of course, comes talk of what to give up for Lent. Some people just give up stuff because they think they should, and some people talk about taking up a new, good habit during the Lent period to give it a "positive" spin on it. The thing is, Lent is there for a reason, and you're supposed to fast for a reason, and isn't fasting, by definition, giving something up?

That being said, I've decided that this bad Catholic will not be giving up anything for Lent. I know it would make Jesus happy, but I think he would understand that I've had to give up so much on this diet I'd have nothing left to eat at all if I went on any sort of fast for 40 days!

I mean, sure, I could fudge and say that I am going to give up white bread or fast food for Lent, but I would know that's not REALLY why I gave them up, and that violates the spirit of the thing.

Do I feel a little guilty? Uh, yeah, Catholic. Duh. But I know that this year, this is the right choice for me. Sorry Jesus.

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