Sunday, January 27, 2008

Le Scanner,

Eet iz DEAD!!!

Dang it happened suddenly, too. I posted a layout last week that I had to photograph, because it was refusing to scan. It would scan to make a preview, just not scan to where I could save the image. Frustrating, but my husband fiddled with it and got it to work again.

Today, it started doing it again, but unfortunately, this time after the fiddling was done it would only scan a severely stripey, blue tinted image. Then the light stopped moving altogether, and well, I'm sad.

Guess what Miss M is getting with her share of the tax refund?

Here are some photos of the latest scrappiness:

Trying out some of the ridiculously long, and therefore ridiculously cool eyelashes with the hat from my Halloween costume. I took this in our hotel room in LA the night I bought these items.

Pictures of me getting my latest tattoo! Okay, so it's only my second, but technically, it's the latest one. My friend took these, since I was a bit indisposed! After I took the picture, I thought to add the name of the shop, and it's location (corner of Hollywood & Vine, how cool is that?).

This is an olllllddddddd picture of me, when I was a teacher's aide the first time around. We were on a field trip to Crow's dairy. The picture was bad, with pictures of children whose names I've forgotten, so I cropped them out. This page isn't about that anyway.
After I got my new stamps in the mail yesterday, I realized that I had other unmounted stamps, but I just had no freaking clue where they were. After some hunting, I found them neatly organized by theme in CD cases, in a box from Ikea, on a shelf. Well organized? Definitely. Easy to use? No way!
I went ahead and pulled them out and started making these little pocket pages for them. I even found my cool sets of the magnetic expressions and ornaments that Making Memories put out a few years back. Note to everyone - do NOT try to pull the magnets apart from the rubber. I don't know what those folks used to adhere them together, but holy crap is it strong. Three of the stamps are now in the trash. Oops.

Dailies. I am finding that these are a fabulous way to incorporate some of the ephemera of everyday life into my scrapbooking. I didn't set the camera on the macro (flower) setting so they're all blurry, but I don't care at this point. It's late!

This one is my favorite from this group:

I handpainted those flames on black damask patterned paper. I love the contrast of the super formal and the cheesy flames. The restaurant logo was torn from the tray liner at the restaurant. I had a chicken breast, no skin, with steamed veggies for BOTH my sides and water. How exciting.

The label from my stamps. I managed to get it off the little bag n which they were packed. I stippled some Distress Ink onto it so that it would stand out from the mini envelope.

Every Friday, at 4:00, it's Happy Hour at work. We take turns buying fancy root beer and just gather in the front office manager's office and hang out for about half an hour. We chat, we drink, we goof off. It's a great way to unwind after the week, and just chill and enjoy your coworkers. This label is from my favorite brand of root beer.

I wanted to go to the new scrapbook store that opened up near my house, but it was closed already(who closes at 5:00 on a Saturday???) so we wandered into Michaels instead. They had two carousels on the shelf, and now, they only have one! My husband was going to buy me one for Christmas, but he thought he would wait until we got back from vacation and of course then you couldn't find one to save your life.

Now I have one! Yay! Don'tcha love my ATG gun?

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Anonymous ambe96 said...

Now we can go scanner shopping together!

10:05 AM  

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