Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm behind!!!

Because I haven't posted any in a while, here are a few dailies:

This was in the junk mail... I can't remember if they were trying to sell me car insurance or just a new car, but I saw it and immediately thought, "MINE!!!", you know, like the seagulls in Finding Nemo? Kinda like that.

You remember my green roses! I used this cheap photo paper I got at the dollar store (I KNOW!!! My own stupid fault) and the printing just started to peel up when I cut it. Lame.

I found this card at Scrapbooks Etc. last time I went. That's a little jeweled brad marking my choice. I used the Heidi Swapp date stamp on this one, and I really kinda don't love it any more. "Super" was because of the Super Bowl preparations at work. They were hangin banners and balloons everywhere, and we kept telling each other they were "thuper". Dumb, I know, yet still highly entertaining.

New FAVORITE grocery store! Okay, well, maybe Whole Foods is still number one, but this one is close. Real close. Trader Joes isn't even a contender at this time. Don't get me started on Frys and Bashas! I really like how this card came out for some reason.

Another pic printed on that sheet of photo paper. I crammed a bunch of them on there. This one came out stripey, and I'm pretty dang sure it isn't the new Epson photo printer. Call it a hunch. I still love my wedding dress. Best dress EVAH!!! If it did fit, I'd wear it around once in a while with a tiara. *sigh*

Just so you know, that is a photo of the ACTUAL three dollars I found. One for me and one for each of the girls, without whom I would have never come upon this windfall. This card's base is a paint chip, and the stripe is this Making Memories fabric tape I picked up at Michaels.

This is the last one. That's right folks, that means I haven't done one in a week. I'm behind! I have stuff I want to document though, like Akon at the mall and little dogs getting a bath with Honey I Washed The Kids. I hat my handwriting on this one.
And for one final bit of scrappiness, I did a page last night. I'm too lazy to drag the computer over to the scanner, as it's past my bedtime already, and the camera was out, so I just took a pic. You get the idea.

My dog is weird.
Finally, tonight I did not want to play with paper. I wanted to play with SUGAR. It's a wonderful thing, truly. I whipped up a crapload of itsy bitsy vanilla cupcakes after dinner. I found this recipe for a marshmallow frosting in one of my cookbooks, but that stuff didn't work out. It was thin and runny... more like a glaze, actually.
I whipped up some buttercream at the last minute, but because that wasn't the original plan, I ran out of powdered sugar. That meant icing that was thinner than I prefer. I tried piping it to make them look like little roses or something, but some just plain melted! BLAH!

Guess what I'm feeding my coworkers tomorrow, since I'm not allowed to eat these bad boys? Okay, so I had ONE... maybe two. But they're TINY, like an inch and a half maybe across.
I've also discovered the white balance on my camera. DUH. I can't believe I've gone this long without messing with that setting. It makes such a huge difference, especially in the kitchen under that stupid California light fixture.

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Blogger KarenSue said...

your pup is adorable!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Lida said...

I love your cards and your cupcakes look yummy!

9:51 PM  

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