Monday, January 21, 2008

Today's Lunch - bento obento

Yes, the picture looks crappy.

"But Miss M", you may find yourself exclaiming, "what happened to your camera?"

The answer, is simple. Nothing happened to my camera. I did, however, have to resort to taking this photo with my phone as I, genius that I am, left my memory card in the card reader at work. Now, normally that wouldn't be all that big of a deal, but I've been doing that project 365 +1 thing (photojojo version) and now I don't have any photos for this weekend. I'm kind of upset about that, because I was doing really well with it too.

Contents: hard boiled egg, edamame, carrot stars, leftover grilled chicken from fajitas this weekend, potstickers, a little bottle of soy sauce, granola under the lid, steamed rice garnished with furikake, edamame, and more carrot stars.

I haven't posted any of these in a while, and I can't even remember which I've posted already, so I'm just doing all the ones on my memory card. Sorry if you've seen them already!

Shrimp glazed in a thai sweet chili sauce, edamame, steamed rice, Hello Kitty furikake packet (can't read the package but I'm guessing it's veggie flavored?), almonds, 2% sharp cheddar cheese, and the cutest little vanilla cupcake. I'm on a cupcake kick right now.

If you have never tried Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce, and you ever happen to come across it, snatch yourself a bottle. It's super cheap, and you just drizzle it over shrimp while it's being grilled or stir fried. It's ridiculous how flipping good it is. I've found it at my local Safeway, so it's not a really exotic item like it looks like it would be. I'm so thankful to Chef here at work for turning me on to this.

Mini Cucumber rolls (not real sushi, the rice is plain), almonds, shumai, a plastic carrot of soy sauce, extra cucumber sticks, steamed rice, edamame, this little custard cup I picked up in Seattle, Hello Kitty furikake, and 2% sharp cheddar cheese. My maki is square due to the twee cedar Maki Sushi Ki mold.
I looooooove the pink sushi grass. Such a great find.

This one has a weird angle, huh?
Stemed pork bun, potstickers, a little bottle of soy sauce, broccoli, carrot hearts, edamame, steamed rice, half a tangerine, and some koala cookies.

Tamago (ah, tamagoyaki! How I love thee!) broccoli, steamed pork bun, edamame, steamed rice, carrot sakura and furikake for garnish. This one is a little lacking on color, I think.
I was feeling like all my lunches were looking the same, but these aren't really. A lot of the same standbys, but they're still looking and tasting good, so I guess it's okay.

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Blogger Lida said...

All your lunches look really yummy, I need to get me one of those boxes they look like a lot of fun.

11:34 AM  

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