Friday, January 18, 2008

Time Out

I was going through the pictures on my camera last night and I came across this:

The little one gets in these moods where she feels she has to antagonize the big one, and starts to jump around her while barking and snarling and generally acting a fool. Usually, the bigger one just ignores her. However, there are times when she is in an equally foul mood, and that's where trouble comes in - that's when they begin to scrap.

You know those cartoons where the characters are fighting, and it's a little cloud of dust with limbs sticking out at various locations and there are little exclamations all over? It's kinda like that when they get to scrappin'. We generally get them seperated, then I like to lay them on their back like the Dog Whisperer recommends to show them that I am the pack leader and this behavior is unacceptable.

The problem is that my husband, well, let's just say that he is not a pack leader. I heard them fighting, so I ran to the living room and my husband had seperated them already. He was carrying Leila and Gidget was bouncing around barking. I immediately grabbed Gidget and laid her on her back and told her to stay. I turn around, and my husband is looking at his finger and still carrying the other dog.

I yelled at him, "Put her down!" So what does he do?

He sets her on the ground and allows her to trot away!

So I say NO and grab her and lay her down on her back also, then remind him again about pack dominance and such. I move Gidget next to Leila, tell them to stay, and go to help my husband tend to his wounds. Little boogers drew blood in three different places on one finger!

Fun fact: there are only Hello Kitty bandaids in Miss M's house. Tee hee!

We get him all cleaned and neosporined and bandaged, and head back to tend to the critters. This was the view as I walked back into the living room, and it amused me so much that I ran to grab the camera and snapped some pics. All the while, they just laid there and didn't try to move because they knew they had been naughty.

I forgave them though. I always do.

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Blogger EatCrayons said...

LOL Pink puppy tummies!

Yeah, we only have Hello Kitty band-aids in this house too, girls trump the boys.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Lida said...

Those puppies are sooo cute!!!!

3:34 PM  
Blogger em said...

Oh my gosh. Hilarious photo!!!

2:31 PM  

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