Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby Pictures

I was going through my pictures a couple of weeks ago, and I came across this. It's a really really really old polaroid of me, my grandfather, my brother, and my cousin (blondie in the middle). I'm guessing, since the photo isn't dated, that I am about 3 1/2 here. Now, I have no clue where I got this photo, or how long I have had it, or even how I got it. All I know is that I am so very very glad that I do.

I don't have many pictures from when I was little. Between crackhead stepdads, a sometimes homeless, often drug addicted mom, moving a LOT, things being put into storage units that were never paid for... well, things have a tendency to get lost. But I have this. Oooh, and this:

Yes, another polaroid, but unfortunately not a whole one. This one was cut, (the horror!) peeled from it's backing and WRITTEN ON WITH A BALLPOINT PEN. Scrapbookers understand. You can make out the Mel & Sara, 1977 showing through the picture. You can also see the lines from where this was stuck into one of those old magnetic albums. So sad. I've scanned them though, at a really high resolution, so I can probably get it fixed and printed out nicely. I mean, I have the photoshop, but I'm not THAT good, you know?

I love the old Budweiser can and the Christmas tree in the background. That means I was four months old in this photo. My Grandpa's first grandchild.

I'll leave you with another family tidbit:

I read through a long survey that my brother (pictured above, ha ha!) posted on myspace, and this is the best quote EVAH:

"What is the hardest thing for you to believe in?: virgins "

Have a great Sunday!

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