Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Would you like some drama with that shake?

I went to McDonalds this morning (yes, I should know better!) and I ordered a chicken biscuit and an orange Hi-C. I went up to the window, and the guy said it was $2.70 something, and I handed him my debit card. I kinda thought about it, because that seemed a little bit cheap, but I figured maybe the biscuit was a special since they were relatively new. No biggie. I get my card and receipt, and pull forward to the next window.

Well, I'm sitting there waiting my turn and I happen to look at my receipt. It is for an egg McMuffin with no cheese. Um, not what I ordered! Crappy.

So it's finally my turn at the window, and the woman asks me what I ordered. I tell her, and show her my reciept, and that it's wrong. She yells around the corner at the guy in the first window and they proceed to have a shouting match at each other! I'm thinking, people, COME ON! So the guy at the first window walks over to us and says hey, you didn't pay me enough, you still owe a dollar forty.

I didn't pay you enough? I gave you my debit card dipshit!

So, I hand him my debit card again, as I didn't have any cash on me, and he gets all sorts of pissed off at me! He shoves my debit card back at me and says just forget it then. Hey buddy, I'm not the one who didn't verify the order here. Sheesh.

Drama in the morning!


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