Monday, May 28, 2007

Picture post!

First, a few Bento lunches:

Just one tier! Contents: Crab cake, carrot flowers, hard boiled egg on top of sume broccoli, one cupcake out of a Hostess 100 calorie pack, some Koala's March cookies, steamed white rice with furikake and a carrot flower.

Top Tier: Steamed barbecue pork bun, broccoli with carrot flowers, gyoza, and a soy sauce fishy.

Bottom Tier: Edamame in the pod and a plain rice onigiri molded into a bear shape. His eyes are black sesame seeds and his mouth is a bit of carrot.

Top Tier: Edamame, hardboiled egg, shumai, carrot chips, and a furikaki seasoned mini onigiri in the middle.

Bottom Tier: Soy ginger noodles with carrot sakura blossoms and parsley from my garden. The noodles were a kit called Simply Asia that I picked up at the regular grocery store. It made enough for both mine and my husband's boxes, which was pretty cool and a nice change from rice.

Top Tier: Hardboiled egg on a bed of edamame and garnished with carrot flowers, gyoza and more carrot flowers, turkey meatball from Trader Joes, and a piggy full of soy sauce.

Bottom Tier: steamed white rice garnished with furikake and carrot flowers.

Hello Kitty side dish: Fresh blueberries and a couple of Koala's March cookies wrapped in Press N Seal to keep them crispy.

Top Tier: Mixed salad greens, a sliced, hardboiled egg, gyoza, two chicken nuggets left over from Chick Fil A, a bunch of some carrot shapes, a piggy of soy sauce and a piggy of caesar salad dressing.

Bottom tier: Surprise! Ha ha! Rice, furikake, carrot shapes. Easy, filling, goes with everything.

Top Tier: gyoza, edamame, broccoli, and a sliced Trader Joe's turkey meatball that I alternated with a sliced hardboiled egg. I used an egg slicer to make the slices uniform, but honestly, I don't think I'll try the meatballs in there again. It was really hard!

Bottom Tier: steamed rice with furikake and a piggy of soy sauce.

And, since Danea asked nicely, a pic of my new skates. Notice that I've embellished them not only with pom poms (I'm old skool!) but also with nice white scuff marks. I have a cute pair of black and pink skull shoelaces that I plan on putting in them also. They're so much ROLLIER than rental skates, if that makes sense. Maybe because the ball bearings are new, I don't know, but it's pretty cool. We're thinking of taking skating lessons at the rink, so we can, you know, learn how to stop without having to run into a wall and stuff.
This weekend I went out with my friend on her birthday to Macayo's for Mexican food, then we went to Benihana on Saturday with all our friends on Saturday night to celebrate the May birthdays, and someone's husband may have over indulged in sake bombers and left most of them in the parking lot. Yesterday we went to a cookout with friends and just hung out all evening. Today - baths for little dogs, a pimp my ride marathon, and some computer time. Oh yeah!

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Blogger melissa said...

those skates are rockin-gotta love those pom poms ;)

12:31 PM  
Anonymous wendy said...

ok. that's it. i need some bento boxes and rice molds. I'm starving now..... :)

10:05 AM  
Blogger Zee said...

Tehee! Those are some sweet skates! I LOVE the pompoms!

12:48 PM  

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