Monday, June 25, 2007

Being Frugal or a Cheap Ass?

I was reading this article online about tips for being frugal, and I came across this tidbit:

Drink tea instead of coffee - coffee dates with the gals can be pricey when the cost of a fancy beverage is like $5! Tea is so much cheaper, and if you're being really frugal, you can ask for a cup of hot water and bring your own tea bag.

Now, I am all for being frugal when the need strikes, but I am sorry, if you are soooooo broke that you need to bring your own tea bag to a coffee house to save money, then perhaps you should not be going out to the coffee shop! Seriously, invite your friends to your house instead, unless you are to cheap to pay for their tea bags too. I mean, would you bring your own ramen noodles to a restaurant to save a few dollars? No way! It would never be allowed.

Sometimes people take a good idea and then just take it a leeeeeettttttle bit to far, I swear.

Ooh, on the subject of saving money, guess who FINALLY bought a bed frame this weekend?

Yup folks, Miss M's bed has been up on cinderblocks for the last SIX AND A HALF YEARS, a la college student-style. See, I had this roommate, and a huge apartment when I met my husband. We got into a fight, and she moved out, taking all the furniture (hers) with her. I had a rocking chair and a side table in this big living room, and that's about it. My husband and I would play tag and run in circles around them until whoever was being chased would take off down the hall and leap on the bed. The other would follow, and then we would have a tickle fight. It was great fun.

Then, the mattress started to do this thing where it was never against the wall anymore. Every few days I'd have to shove it back into place. It was very odd, but I chalked it up to not having a proper headboard. No biggie.

Then, we moved. Top mattress was taken out to the U-Haul. Box spring was taken out to the U-haul. Oh, lookie there, the two legs on the end of the frame were completely splayed out! THAT'S why your mother always yelled to not jump on the bed! I chucked the frame in the dumpster, got some cinderblocks (they wouldn't break!) and went on my happy way.

Today, though, I am a grown up, with a grown up bed with a headboard and a bedframe. Life is sweet.

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