Monday, April 23, 2007


Saturday morning was spent shopping at the CK Convention in Mesa, and I was invited to a pole dancing party Saturday night. The hostess' house has two stories, and upstairs (which they never go up there by the way) is a huge loft area. We had the food and drinks downstairs, and the pole was set up upstairs.

So we are all up there hooting and hollering and just generally being noisy, and her sister in law isn't feeling well, so she goes downstairs to lay down in the master bedroom. She is maybe 20 feet from where we all left our handbags on the kitchen/dining room floor, with the door to the bedroom open.

Someone let themselves into the back yard using the side gate and came in the house through the back sliding glass doors. They took all but two of the handbags that were laying there. One was off to the side, away from the other purses, and one they just took the huge wallet that was hanging out. They left the two laptops, flat screen TV, small stereo, and about 15 bottles of booze that were also in the kitchen alone.

We figured they came in through the back door because lying next to the front door were TWO Louis Vuitton handbags, and neither of those were touched either.

So after looking around the house and establishing that the guys didn't sneak back into the house while we were upstairs and hide our stuff to mess with us, those who still had phones called to get cards and accounts cancelled and we called the menfolk to come help us.

The hostess' mother in law decided to take her friends and a flashlight and check the little park next to the house and see if maybe the purses got dumped. I'm thinking, that's a really good idea, so I ask if there are any more flashlights. One girl's boyfriend says that he has one in his car, and he goes to check out the area by the golf course in the back of the house.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later he calls us and says he found the purses. They had dumped EVERYTHING out of them and scattered it all along a shallow weedy ditch at the end of the block. It was pitch black back there and we only had like three flashlights, but we ended up finding most of the stuff. My freaking cell phone was in a tree!!! A few people were still missing car keys, and a couple of cell phones, but otherwise all the purses and wallets were found. Only the cash was missing; all credit cards, gift cards, IDs, etc were still there.

Well, the next morning, the hostess found an envelope containing all of the missing keys and phones sitting on their front doorstep! Can you believe that crap?

I only lost about $20 something, which I had to pay for my spot in the party. I thought I had lost the SD card reader for my camera, but apparently that was in the envelope with the keys, so I'll get it back. My camera was with me upstairs during the party (of course!) so I still have that, but I bet if it hadn't been it would be gone forever. Another girl lost her camera.

Some people were totally freaking out and like why? why? why us, why now? There's no reason why. It's an opportunity thing, and some people don't get that. The front door, back slider, and side gate were all left unlocked. The side gate apparently doesn't even HAVE a lock on it, just a latch. We're very lucky whoever came in wasn't armed, didn't hurt her sister in law, didn't have any desire to keep all of our stuff (we're talking a couple thousand dollars EASY in designer handbags and wallets, never mind cell phones, gift cards, etc.), and didn't take our credit cards. Some people are still mad about the whole thing, but I don't know, it could have been worse and I'm thankful it wasn't.

Besides, I totally kicked ass at pole dancing.


Blogger em said...

Wow, that is scary...glad they didn't take your credit cards and such. And, I really want to see a picture of kiss ass pole dancer, you! :)

3:16 PM  

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