Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Target is supposed to be FUN

Ha ha on ME, because today, not so much!

First, EVERYONE and their mother is there in the middle of the day. There was NO parking, except in BFE, and honestly, it was too far to hike in dress shoes. I finally think I found a spot, but no, I was fooled.

You know how there are some people in the world who are like, Yeah, I drive a Mercedes, so I must be cool and I can be a jackass and take up two spots on a diagonal so no one scratches my precious Mercedes Benz brand paint? Well, there are unfortunately also those people who yes, while they do actually drive a Mercedes, their Benz is probably only worth $3 but they still think they have the right to act like jackasses and park diagonally across two spaces. Grrrr!

I go inside to peek at the dollar spot (I only had a few minutes, and VERY little cash since my debit card is gone) and pick out a little plastic box to organize my desk. There are only two cashiers open (no express lane) and this pregnant lady sees me coming, and practically RUNS with her cart full of crap to cut me off! Now, the other line had multiple people with lots of stuff, so it was definitely not an option. I understand pregnant ladies get the crazies and are uncomfortable and all that, but does that really give them license to be outright rude? I mean, they chose to be pregnant, I didn't choose it for them! I had ONE ITEM!!!

So then I go over to the Starbucks they have in there and the guy behind the counter had to make my drink THREE times!

I gave him my order, he was like, whoa, what? So I tell him again, and he rings it up (wrong too, he didn't charge for the syrup, but whatever) and then reaches for a cup and forgets again so I tell him again, and he has to get out a BOOK with the directions to make chai (duh, chai and milk buddy) and he STILL makes it wrong! He made me a cafe latte!

So I tell him what I want AGAIN, and he uses whole milk instead of skim. So I tell him again, and I'm like look buddy, let me just tell you how to make it. The girl in lne behind me is cracking up, and since my directions aren't the exact same as the book, he freaks out and stands there doing NOTHING. Luckily the other barista finally came back and told him what to do.

Seriously. It's Chai, milk, syrup and Ice. Not a complicated order, really. Sheesh.

And now, let the bitching cease!


Blogger melissa said...

wow that guy at starbucks is definitely pretty pathetic..cant believe it took three times for a chai :P and lol at you telling him how to make it! I dont think it was your day

9:03 PM  

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