Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband!


We got into a huge row last night. Well, this morning, I guess, since it was technically after midnight. Lasted HOURS. I guess the thing with me is that I have to blow up and release pressure. The longer you make me wait before addressing issues, the madder I get, so the worse it is. Once I have a chance though, then I start to get calm again. I'm over it now... mostly.

He brought me lunch today, and he's taking me to dinner tonight. He's really trying, I know, because that's what he does. I'm trying to get over it, I mean it's freaking Valentine's Day, but it's not like a faucet you can turn on and off, you know?

As his gift, I got one of those little metal mailboxes, decorated it, and was going to put 100 reasons why I love my husband in there. I got through most of the list, and started to decorate the box, but, understandably, wasn't feeling it this week. I figured I should get to it today. Here is my list:

1. He thinks I’m beautiful no matter what state I’m in.
2. He encourages me to be my best.
3. He has a great sense of humor—sometimes dry, sometimes silly.
4. He is extremely intelligent, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.
5. He makes me feel smart, even though he is far smarter.
6. He does his share of housework and more.
7. He knows how to use an apostrophe.
8. He lets me hold the TV remote.
9. I can’t imagine life without him.
10. He likes dogs.
11. He's not too tall (I'm woefully vertically challenged!)
12. That room full of scrapbook supplies that I barely use these days barely gets a second glance from him, let alone any complaints!
13. He adores me even when there’s no reason for it.
14. He encourages me when I work out at the gym.
15. The state of my employment has nothing to do with my value to him.
16. He understands my jokes and thinks they’re funny.
17. He lets me dress him in a socially appropriate manner.
18. He appreciates humor more than punch lines.
19. He’s both humble and confident.
20. He says the funniest, most random things when he’s falling asleep.
21. He has a child’s love of playing.
22. He lets me warm my cold feet on his legs. (sometimes)
23. He lets me warm my cold hands on his belly and back. (sometimes)
24. He’s an amazing friend, to me and to everyone.
25. He’s kind to children and small animals.
26. He hugs me as if I’m the only woman in the world
27. He works a well-paying, soul-sucking job so that I can sit on my butt at home.
28. I’m supposed to.
29. He’s a getting to be a pretty good cook.
30. He likes my cooking.
31. He listens as well as he talks. Sometimes better!
32. He loves games, but he will still let me win.
33. He has a great smile.
34. His hands fit in mine perfectly.
35. He’s comfortable and content being himself.
36. He’s my best friend.
37. He’s fun to tickle.
38. He can laugh at himself.
39. He can laugh at me.
40. I can laugh at him.
41. He loves me.
42. He indulges my bizarre whims.
43. After a fight, he always makes sure to heap loads of love on me to assure me that we are still going to be okay.
44. He needs me.
45. He insists that I'm clever and compliments my work.
46. He lets the dogs sleep in bed with us.
47. He wasn’t scared at all when I insisted on trying to learn to make sushi.
48. He doesn’t fuss when I buy the dog even more clothes.
49. He thinks the fact that I love drag queens and long for a gay best friend is just part of my charm.
50. He has a friendly people type personality. He can be friends with just about anyone.
51. He is really laid back. It takes a lot to get him mad.
52. He doesn't complain about the things he would really like to have and doesn't get.
53. He believes in me and is willing to support me in anything.
54. He deals with my family with such a great attitude, and for those who know my family, they know that this can be difficult!
55. He is a really super good listener. He relates really well with others and knows what advice to give.
56. He has a ton of patience, which I seem to always be in short supply of.
57. He is always laughing at me. I don't mean in a hurtful way. He makes me feel like I am the funniest person on the planet, which makes me laugh, which has lead to laughing fits that make both our sides ache!
59. He makes me laugh. I love his unique sense of humor, and how we snicker over the silliest things no matter where we are.
60. He is affectionate. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t reach out and touch me.
61. He is forgiving.
62. He has the most beautiful green eyes! His eyes have seen the worst in me and yet still choose to see the good.
63. Even when he’s comfortable, he will get up to get me a glass of water when my glass is empty.
64. He is not afraid to show his love for me.
65. He will do almost anything that is important to me.
66. He is a happy person.
67. He likes to take vacations with me.
68. He is a good friend.
69. He has the BEST snappy one-liners.
70. He loves his family.
71. He is my best friend.
72. He tells everyone how great I am.
73. He looks happy when he talks about me.
74. He thinks I am his best friend too.
75. He lets me do his organizing.
76. He has a really cute round butt!
77. He is fun to be with.
78. He is nice to everyone. even people who have been BIG JERKS to him.
79. Everybody who meets him loves him.
80. He is generous.
81. He likes it when I take care of him.
82. We compliment each other.
83. He is happy being married to me.
84. When he gets drunk, he gets giggly and starts to drop F-bombs.
85. He loves spending time with me.
86. He likes to help people.
87. He misses me when we aren’t together.
88. He usually has at least one surprise for me on my birthday and Christmas.
89. He lets me rant and rave when I need to.
90. He is so CUTE!!
91. He loves me without even thinking about it.
92. He loves me without make-up.
93. I can be myself when I am with him.
94. He never gives up on me.
95. He IS my better half.
96. I love that he isn’t perfect. (That would be annoying!)
97. He takes complete care of me when I am sick.
98. He isn’t embarrassed to buy me “girlie things” at the store.
99. He tries to explain football to me when I really don’t understand.
100. When I am grumpy, he still loves me.
101. He doesn’t mind going shopping with me.

Okay, obviously I can't count, because I cut and pasted this from MS Word and there it said there were 100. (Edited to add: found it! I didn't use 58!)

This list is a good reminder.



Blogger Janeen said...

Glad you are on the totally sucks to be at odds with a person you have to share so much with. I'm like you, I have to get it all out...can't hold it gets worse.

1:28 PM  
Blogger EatCrayons said...

Awwwwwwww!! I love your mailbox idea.

I'm with ya, I cannot hold something in, and if I have to say it, you had better make sure you can listen right then and there because if I have to wait I'm going to sit and stew on it, and come up with even more to rip your head off over. lol

7:47 PM  

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