Sunday, December 03, 2006

Peppermint wishes & Tumbleweed Dreams

Felt a little better today. I slept in really late, messed around on myspace, went to Angel Sweet and had some gelato (super dark chocolate and peppermint stick - YUM!). We watched Hoodwinked, on the recommendation of my boss, and man, that was some funny shit. My husband wasn't expecting to like it but he did, especially the Fletch references. Since I haven't ever seen that movie, those went RIGHT over my head. Ah well.

We were going to see the Christmas tree lighting and parade in downtown Chandler tonight, but we totally forgot. Oh well, we can still see the tree another night. Apparently, they gather tumbleweeds from all over town and make them into a giant tree, then light it all up. What a cool idea!

Tomorrow - making those cards. I SWEAR.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, i gotta visit a place where there are tumbleweeds. i have never seen one, lol. making them into a tree is creative. take a pic and post it will you? i would love to see it.

i am glad you are feeling better.

is gidget ok?


11:25 AM  

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