Thursday, December 07, 2006


I found this online, and it cracked me up because I could totally hear it in my head.

Nov. 24
BritBrit (8:27:55 PM): hey y’all!
Heirhead (8:28:01 PM): b! So glad you axed FedEx!!!
BritBrit (8:30:03 PM): Thanks! I’m ready for some fun! Woot!
Heirhead (8:30:14 PM): We should hang out
BritBrit (8:35:33 PM): YAY!
Heirhead (8:35:45 PM): RU going2 Hyde l8r?
BritBrit (8:37:15 PM): What are you saying?!
Heirhead (8:37:38 PM): ARE YOU going TO Hyde LATER?
BritBrit (8:40:05 PM): TOTALLY!!1!! What are you wearing tonight?
Heirhead (8:40:55 PM): blue Chloe halter dress. U?
BritBrit (8:43:09 PM): I got this cute green mini and a matching thong.
Heirhead (8:43:47 PM): OMG! Ditch the thong!

Nov. 25
Heirhead (4:30:10 PM): did you see the pics? U are hot!
BritBrit (4:33:25 PM): My mom is sooo freaked!
Heirhead (4:33:55 PM): haha
BritBrit (4:35:01 PM): Not funny!!!1!
Heirhead (4:35:36 PM): Wanna go to Manx 2nite?
BritBrit (4:37:30 PM): OK, but i’m wearin’ drawers this time!
Heirhead (4:47:55 PM): LOL! NOT!
BritBrit (4:49:01 PM): Your a bad influence! (Mom sez so!)
Heirhead (4:49:40 PM): OMG! Know what would be funny?
BritBrit (4:51:05 PM): huh
Heirhead (4:51:12 PM): Let’s invite Frcrtch!!!
BritBrit (4:52:27 PM): who?
Heirhead (4:52:49 PM): “LAST CALL” LOHAN!
BritBrit (4:56:50 PM): I thought you hated her!
Heirhead (4:56:59 PM): it’ll be a riot!

Nov. 26
MeanGirl69 (1:24:01 PM): Had a blast last night, guyz! Again 2nite?
Heirhead (1:24:13 PM): um, we’ll see. K?
BritBrit (1:26:00 PM): OMG!!!11! Did you two see my new pics?????
Heirhead (1:26:16 PM): u rock!
MeanGirl69 (1:26:35 PM): Old skool…I was doing that when you were still preggers!
Heirhead (1:26:59 PM): hey frcrtch, I was doing that when you were still fat.
BritBrit: (1:28:15 PM): burn!
MeanGirl69 (1:28:40 PM): i’m losing the signal. Not getting ur messages. cant make it tonight. Have another photo-op. oh, well.
Heirhead (1:28:45 PM): right :)~

Nov. 27
Heirhead (5:26:17 PM): The paparazzi love U!
BritBrit (5:30:07 PM): My mom sez I should wear panties.
BritBrit (5:32:13 PM): Sez I need to think of my kids or something…
Heirhead (5:32:34 PM): Girl, that’s where your kids came from ;^)
BritBrit (5:34:55 PM): I KNOW! Hey, are you busy next week?
Heirhead (5:35:02 PM): N2BZ4UQT
BritBrit (5:45:09 PM): huh?
Heirhead (5:45:46 PM): not too busy for you cutie!
BritBrit (5:50:00 PM): oh, hee. Well, WHTBBMAWM?
Heirhead (5:50:09 PM): ???
BritBrit (5:52:13 PM): Wanna host the Billboard Music Awards with me?
Heirhead (5:52:40 PM): that’d be so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 28
BritBrit (6:03:14 PM): Can U believe we got matching hair extentions?!?1?!?!
Heirhead (6:03:16 PM): we look hot
BritBrit (6:05:09 PM): I KNOW!
Heirhead (6:05:13 PM): Party @ Lotus 2nite!
BritBrit (6:08:09 PM): I dunno I think I should spend time with my baby and my older baby
Heirhead (6:08:12 PM): That’s what nannies are for!
Heirhead (6:09:07 PM): hello?
Heirhead (6:09:58 PM): where are you?
BritBrit (6:58:15 PM): Oops. Ran out of minutes
Heirhead (6:58:18 PM): That’s so lame…
BritBrit (7:01:02 PM): See you tonight!!

Nov. 29
BritBrit (2:03:12 PM): Paris, where’d you go last night?!?!?!1
Heirhead (2:03:15 PM): I figured you were so cozy with Brandon Davis it didn’t matter
BritBrit (2:06:08 PM): huh?
Heirhead (2:06:11 PM): My ex, Brandon. Whatever
BritBrit (2:09:03 PM): huh?
Heirhead (2:09:05 PM): WHATEVER!
BritBrit (2:13:46 PM): Well, you can do the Billboard Music Awards by yourself then!
Heirhead (2:13:49 PM): WHAT[expletive]EVER!

Nov. 30
BritBrit (12:13:02 PM): Miss you!
Heirhead (12:13:05 PM): <3
BritBrit (12:15:12 PM): I’m so glad we made up!
Heirhead (12:15:15 PM): me too
BritBrit (12:18:46 PM): Aw, now you’ve got to do the Billboard Music Awards by yourself
Heirhead (12:18:49 PM): No way, I’m bailing on that. Won’t do it without you!
BritBrit (12:21:06 PM): Whatcha doing tonight?
Heirhead (12:21:09 PM): Ugh, I told frcrtch I’d go out with her
BritBrit (12:23:46 PM): OMG, no way
Heirhead (12:23:49 PM): That was before we made up! You have to come, too!
BritBrit (12:26:04 PM): COOL

Dec. 1
MeanGirl69 (12:32:06 PM): That wuz so much fun, guyz!
BritBrit (12:35:12 PM): My mom’s so mad. sez I need to stop flashing everybody.
Heirhead (12:35:15 PM): My mom is disappointed in all of us
MeanGirl69 (12:35:18 PM): My mom thought it was cool! Where to now?
BritBrit (12:36:46 PM): um…
Heirhead (12:36:47 PM): Hey Linds, why don’t you go “be adequite” somewhere else?
MeanGirl69 (12:36:50 PM): i’m losing the signal. Not getting ur messages. cant make it tonight. Have another photo-op. oh, well.
Heirhead (12:36:52 PM): haha
BritBrit ( 12:37:12 PM): My mom’s coming, gotta go!
Heirhead (12:37:15 PM): cya

Dec. 2
BritBrit (3:12:06 PM): My mom sez I can’t hang out with you anymore!
Heirhead (3:12:09 PM): My mom sez you’re ruining my image!
BritBrit (3:14:12 PM): As if!
Heirhead (3:14:14 PM): Whatever
BritBrit (3:16:46 PM): Fine
Heirhead (3:16:48 PM): WHATEVER
BritBrit (3:19:02 PM): FINE
Heirhead (3:28:07 PM): Wanna go to Hyde 2nite?
BritBrit (3:30:12 PM): AWESOME!!!1!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, that is hilarious! Well, what of it I understood. I am so not Blackberry literat. What does <3 mean? I see that everywhere and have no idea what it is. And you title for this entry? What is it saying?

Thanks for posting this. I think Britney is acting like an idiot and totally giving KFed amo in a custody battle.


8:51 AM  
Blogger Miss M! said...

<3 means love... it looks like a heart laying on it's side.

OMG is oh my god, or oh my goodness

STFU is shut the F*ck up!

BBQ is barbecue, hee hee. Just more letters to be silly.

!!!1!! indicates an inability to either A) hold the shift key properly or B) moderate your punctuation usage or C) you're basically an idiot or D) all of the above.


2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks! I knew all of those except the <3 one. and i figured the !!!!1! was someone just being an idiot. i just got confused when they were altogether. whose's the dork now. OMGLMBOPIMPROTFDTIMC!!

"DTIMC=dog thinks i'm crazy" hehehe

10:10 AM  

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