Thursday, December 07, 2006

Damage Control

On Monday night I got a call from my boss (the store's owner) that the water heater in the salon next door had exploded and there was water damage in our store, so don't bother coming into work the next day.

I went in yesterday and got to see the mess. We didn't lose any product fortunately, but the laminate flooring is just all torn up on that side of the store. The new manager and I worked all day cleaning and moving stuff around, and the store still looks like a hurricane ripped through it! I'll tell you though, ya gotta love a girl who shows up for that kind of work in Tiffany jewelry and a Juicy Couture scarf!

Needless to say, we'll be closed for a few days. We have to figure out how to arrange stuff so we can open but it will be a bit till the floor is fixed. My butt is so SORE right now, from moving stuff around. I get to go do it again today. Hopefully today people show up for their regularly scheduled shifts to help! Oh, and hopefully we don't break anything else...

We were moving this table, and it was really heavy. It was hard to get a grip on it and I pulled and my hand slipped. I ended up pulling ALL the nails on that hand, but only this one broke. This is also the finger that hurts least at this point in time. My nail beds are sore still, because of course I did the same thing to the other hand later in the day, only not as bad. I was just going to clip this nail, and have it be a little shorter, but the thought of doing it again today made me want to cry so I just took them all off.

My hands look so sad and ugly now! I miss my nails! As you can see, I was due for a fill this weekend, but I was going to wait to get them done before we go to NYC so they'd look their best. Until then, ugly stumpy fingers it is. Oh well.

And unfortunately, that's not the only thing that got broken yesterday. Sorry Suzy...


Blogger em said...

Your nailpolish rocks! That sucks about the store...and the nail!

7:09 PM  

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