Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm so excited!

In less than two weeks, Miss M will be in NYC!!!


I found this fun feature on Yahoo that lets you make travel itineraries, so I went through and checked all the stuff I'd like to see. It's not all a list of Musts, but it gives us a little guideline. Click HERE to see my list.

I think the thing I am truly the most excited about is Chinatown. Cheap, authentic eats, knockoffs, and trinkets? WOO HOO!

And our HOTEL. Oh my goodness, my mother in law is insane, but I love her for it. Check it out:

We are at the pink arrow, YES, less than a block from the freaking Waldorf Astoria, three blocks from Rockefeller Center, just off PARK AVENUE, as in THE Park Avenue!!!!

I'm such a freaking tourist.


Blogger melissa said...

that rocks girl!! so super exciting :)

11:46 PM  

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