Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moo, baby

Come on, say it.


That's right. Now you're speaking MY language, because I am a FAT COW. Uh huh, I said it. I am a FAT COW. See, here's a pic of me:

Okay, maybe that's a bit of a dramatization, but it gets my point across.

I was doing so good at the beginning of the year too. I lost fourteen pounds! My skinny Express jeans fit! But then, something happened, and I am not sure what it was. Next thing I know, I am eating out every night, bread, pasta, fried food, LITTLE DEBBIES, oh, the horror! Potato chips with sour cream... oh yum...

But then I got on the scale last week, and everything changed. I gained back every one of the fourteen pounds that I had lost, plus 1.5 more! ACK!!! So, back on the healthy eating bandwagon for Miss M (the M stands for Moo, I swear) this week. I started on Monday and I've already lost four and a half pounds. This is a good thing, and no, I am soooo not starving myself, in case anyone is worried.

I started eating breakfast every day. Breakfast consists of three scrambled eggs and four turkey sausage links. Lunch is some frozen thing with extra veggies thrown in, or a salad. Dinner is LOTS of veggies and some sort of meat. I also snack on cheese, nuts, and my weakness/savior: sugar free fudgsicles. Oh man, I think I've eaten a whole box almost this week. We are talking 4 - 6 a DAY! Good stuff.

So, hopefully I will be able to stick with this healthy eating thing and not backslide into Little Debbie-and-Cheddar Asiago Pastry Stick things from Target-land again. I made a new ticker for the bottom of my blog with a little "skinny bitch" icon on it. My goal is 135 lbs, and a slutty Halloween costume. We'll have to see how it goes!


Blogger melissa said...

ok you are not a cow..geez talk about being hard on yourself :P

and congrats on already lossing 4.5 pound! you go girl

lol at the 'skinny bitch' icon. lovin it

4:10 PM  
Blogger Sofia said...

LOL! NO, that's ME in the picture!

1:07 PM  

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