Tuesday, July 04, 2006

All Good.

My husband is an ass, but at least he has finally admitted it. Of course, as usual, it was me that got fed up with being ignored and called him on it. Grrr. I asked him how much longer he planned on giving me the silent treatment last night. He says, and I kid you not, oh I don't know, we have all day tomorrow while we are both home....

Excuse me?

I let him know that I would rather not spend ANOTHER day like this. He says okay and stood there a bit and then started to walk off. I was like, OH NO YOU DON'T!!! He played dumb and was like what? I said he didn't answer my question. He says well, I can stay true to what I believe, and we'll be on the fast road to divorce, or I can do what you want me to, and we can be on the slow road to divorce. I'm thinking, NICE. That's just great. So I did what any wife would do. I chewed him a new one.

After the initial ass chewing, we had a little debate, and he FINALLY realized what it was that I have been trying to say all along. I think he gets it now. I hope he does anyway. So, for the moment, all is calm in Miss M's household, thank GOD!

I finally got to wash my hair tonight. It was grody. Blech. I bought some new shampoo that my stylist (who is moving to NEBRASKA, boo) recommended. It's Aveda, and I seem to recall Just Em's dog Maddie saying it was good... or maybe it was that it tasted good, I forget. Anyway, I smell like a hippie now, minus the B.O. There was another shampoo they had there that the stylist actually used on me that smelled like candy. It was $26 a bottle though, and I work retail, ha ha! The Aveda was a nice medium, I think.

We didn't do anything for the 4th. Just stayed home, lazed around, played with the dogs. Nice, lazy day. I realized, as I went back and read my comments, that I didn't post who was in the picture with me. I guess I just thought EVERYONE bought Tagging Along when it came out! That was Katherine Brooks.

Only four more days until a car with AC comes our way... ahhhhh!


Blogger melissa said...

glad DH finally figured it out ;) and hopefully the calm will remain

good shampoo is never a good price, I learned that the hard way. lol

1:45 AM  
Blogger Nanner said...

It seems like the shampoo that does the best for my hair is the more expensive brands.

I hope that you can find a new hair stylist that you like! I have been going to the same hair stylist for 20 years and hate to think about finding a new one!

5:01 AM  
Blogger em said...

Maddie is very excited that you took her shampoo advice. She has some good ideas about dog treats your dog might like, as well!

8:43 PM  

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