Monday, April 24, 2006

Bumper Activism

I read this on a bumper sticker today and I had to say, it cracked me up. I'm not really political either way. I'm registered to vote, but not affiliated with any party. This was the first time I had ever seen this particular sentiment. Seriously, if you ever want to see the greatest assortment of activist bumper stickers, go to Whole Foods. Those hippies LOVE that stuff!

We were there because we were driving by and I decided I wanted a Jamba Juice. I haven't had one in ages, since I was subbing. Anyway, I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was when we went in there and I saw the Whole Foods Jamba Juice still had the Chocolate Moo'd. When the location where we used to go took it off the menu, I thought I might cry, because it was my favorite. They told us all of the stores had discontinued it. I did notice that the name category it was listed under was different. Before, it was "Creamy Indulgences" and now it is "Good Moo'ds". Also, the nutrition info was scribbled out in the book. Maybe it was gone and they brought it back? I just checked, and it's listed on the Jamba Juice site! WOOO! Anyway, all I know is that it feels great to be able to enjoy something that you thought you would never be able to enjoy again!

Oh, and when we were walking into the store, there were these two people outside with their kid. The kid was puking in the parking lot. It was really disgusting, but hey, kids get sick. I told my husband, watch, I bet you that after he is done they bring him into the store anyway instead of taking him home. Sure enough, as I was coming out of the ladies room, I see them all coming in.

I know I am not a parent, and that means that a lot of people think I have no right to judge the parenting of others, but come on! The kid is obviously sick, shouldn't you take him home? Why expose others to what he might have? Also, what if he pukes again, this time in the grocery store? Are they going to clean it up, or are they going to expect one of the poor kids who only earn minimum wage to clean it for them? Some people are just so rude, and they don't think. That really pissed me off.

Ooh, but then I found this ADORABLE pastel pink colander that I had to have. It's funny, last week at Walmart I saw a bright red one just like this and I told my husband that it was too bad they didn't have a pink one, because I would have snatched it right up! I used some Making Memories rub-ons to embellish it. I got the quote from Ali Edward's blog. I like it, it works for me. I plan on putting stuff in it for my scrap studio. This is a very good thing. I've seen these online for way more than it cost me, so SCORE!

Oh, and the fantastic mini 6 oz sourdough baguette that I bought didn't hurt either!


Blogger em said...

I LOVE jamba juice! They are sooo yummy! I think those colandars are adorable!! I think I might need one!!

6:47 PM  

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