Friday, February 03, 2006

Nasty Little Beasts

Someone puked on my bed.

Needless to say, I am NOT a happy camper.

Now I have to take the duvet to be dry cleaned. That pisses me off because it is NOT cheap. Why is it that when the dogs have to puke, they choose to do it on either the bed or the couch? What the hell is wrong with the floor? Nope, we gotta be disrespected!

The duvet cover got the brunt of the chunks, but of course the liquid part soaked through to my down comforter. UGH. We pulled the duvet cover off, and I had my husband take it into the bathroom to dump the chunky bits into the toilet.

Now, I usually have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to dog puke, having grown up with dogs always around. This puke really smelled bad though. It was so gross. As my husband was trying to dump it into the toilet, he told me that he thought that maybe some little dog ate some poo outside when he wasn't looking, and that's why it smelled so bad. I got some toilet paper to try to help scrape it off the cover, but it smelled so bad, and it was all slimy.... I started to gag and retch! I had to leave, and my husband stood there in the bathroom laughing at me while I gagged and retched in the other room, willing myself not to puke.

I can't understand what makes a dog want to eat another dog's poop, I really can't. They're just nasty little beasts, and of course, I don't know which one is the nasty little beast.

Man, they're lucky they're cute!!!


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