Sunday, January 15, 2006


I was reading a popular scrapbooking message board, and there was a thread that was of interest to me.

Someone posted about some "funny pics" but when I opened the thread, it had a disclaimer that said I am so sorry, didn't mean to offend, link removed. That made me interested.

Then I read the replies that lead to that poster removing the link. It was stuff like, Oh, that's sooooo offensive, and I can't belive you'd post that here, and wow that's racist, and how could you post not only those awful pictures with those terrible captions, but a blog that has an ad for racist tee shirts?

So now I am thinking whoa, I HAVE to see this now!

My problem was that the link was gone. Time for some detective work!

One of the responses said something about a ghetto prom, and that they didn't get it. I went ahead and googled "ghetto prom" since that was the best lead that I had at this point. BINGO! Got it on my first try. Man, I love the internet!

Anyway, I looked at the pics. I would say that they were about the same as all those redneck picture sites that are out there, only with the spin so that it was black and Mexican people instead of white people. And they were all dressed for prom.

Yes, there were captions under the pics. Yes, some of them used some wording that may be considered racially improper. But, damn, they were funny as hell!

No, I was not offended by the picture of the Mexican girls and the reference to their girth. Sorry, it's true. While not all Mexican women are chunky, we do as a people have a tendency to have that body type. Fact of nature, and we all know it too.

And those racist teeshirts? The ad was titled "almost offensive tees" or something like that. The girl in the ad was wearing one that said "New Mexico - Cleaner than Old Mexico". A little bit wrong? Yeah. Still, I laughed. I thought it was funny, and again, I am Mexican!

I think sometimes some people get offended not because they are really offended but because society trains them to be offended by certain things. On one hand, this can be a good thing, because we are learing tolerance and diversity. But on the other hand, when is there too much tolerance? when does all that tolerance we have been preaching cause us to become intolerant?

These women practically accused the original poster on that thread of being a Klan Member! I really thought it was going to be some outright blatant stuff. But what I found, instead, was the kind of thing my friends and I may have done or said in high school, hell, that probably the people in the photos probably have said about themselves at one time or another.

I just think that some people need to chill, and quit getting their panties in a wad over every little thing.

Here's the link, by the way, in case you want to check it out for yourself:


Blogger Mom to 2 Boys said...

Those pictures are just so wrong on so many levels. A school actually let kids come dressed like that and the kid in the kilt was askedto change or leave his school dance?

5:03 PM  
Blogger Miss M! said...

So if the kid in the kilt was allowed to stay, these would be okay?

I am not saying it's okay to dress like a hoochie to a school dance. I was more interested in the whole race card issue. I would NEVER let one of my children out of the house dressed like that!!!

11:38 AM  
Blogger Zee said...

ROFLOL!!! I don't care what anyone says, if you are dumb enough to dress like that, then you gotta expect some laughs!

And I also am shocked that a school would allow that...sheesh, just two pieces of small cloth over boobies..OH and I need to give props out to that group that dressed a like and even had the nike swoosh done. Now if they could only use that creative genious to advance in life!

4:31 PM  

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