Friday, December 02, 2005

ETA's should be updated!!!

My husband has no concept of time, and it pisses me off. It's so inconsiderate, and I feel like when he does it he's saying that he really doesn't give a damn about my feelings.

He usually gets off work at six. He called me at 6:15 and said he was going to work a little late. I said okay, how late? I needed to go to Joann to buy more fabric for the gifts I am making his mom and sister, but he has the car. He says oh, about half an hour or so.

Well, an hour and 15 minutes go by, and no husband, so I call him at his work number. Sure enough, he is still there. I would think that if it were me, and I told someone to expect me in 30 minutes that I would call after the 30 minutes or so to let them know I would be home later, as a courtesy to them. He doesn't get that.

He just did that to me on Wednesday too. He took the car in to be serviced, and called me and said he was coming home on the bus. Two hours passed, and no husband. The shop was only about 3 miles from where we live! He could have WALKED home in that time! I called him and asked where he was. Oh, at McDonalds next door to the shop!

Don't tell me that you are on your way home and then decide not to go home after all! At least call me and let me know, hey, I decided to wait here!

It's so flipping rude! I told him that it was. Here I am waiting for him, thinking great, he's dead on the side of the road somewhere and that's why he's not home and he hasn't called. I guess the message didnt' register.


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