Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Christmas list - Volume 1

Mmm, still bumming, so I figured I'd cheer myself up with a little fake shopping. I got the idea for a Christmas list from Zee.

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Canon D-20: mmm 8.2 megapixels SLR camera. Hey, I'm a Canon girl, and this bad boy could seriously improve my skills. I'd be set for quite a while too, so I could concentrate on collecting lenses. I'd LOVE a telephoto lens one day.

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I want TiVo soooo bad! I am a total flake when it comes to remembering what nights shows I like are on. Also, I don't feel like watching TV very often, so this way I can watch something I like when I feel like it, and NO commercials! Woo!

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I actually own a copy of this, but it is about 8 years old and quite literally falling apart. This version is spiral bound. Yes, I realize this is two editions old, but I like my 8th edition! It's like, the BEST cookbook ever. It has normal foods that are hard to find recipes for because most cookbooks don't cover the basics like this.

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Ohh, isn't it purty? You know, when I was a freshman in highschool, oh, about 15 years ago (yikes) I used to wear a tiny padlock on a chain around my neck, because I thought it was cute and funny and different. Look what a trendsetter I was!

Okay, I am not as dedicated as Zee... Maybe I'll add to this later.


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