Friday, June 24, 2005

So Unemployed

I need a job.

I hate being broke! But I hate being stuck in a job that I don't like just to get a paycheck even more. I know that I can just mosey on down to my nearest call center and get a job and probably start next week too, and make decent money, but I know also that I will hate it. I put in almost 5 years in call centers and I hate having to take the blame for stuff I didn't do and getting yelled at by ignorant people and not being able to stand up for myself. Then there's all the politics. Those places prey on the undereducated and easily appeased, so I swear, it's like high school all over again, and I have enough issues of my own to sign up for THAT subscription, thank you very much.

So that begs the question - what do I love? Well, I love to teach, and I love scrapbooking. Problem - no teaching degree. Can't pass that stupid math class, grrr. That leaves scrapbooking.

Well, I had a job teaching scrapbooking, and I loved it so much, but we all know how THAT went. *sigh* I am STILL waiting to hear from the director of operations to finalize THAT fiasco.

I talked to the owner of another local store, and I even worked there one night. She said that she would call me when she needed someone to fill shifts, but it's been two weeks and no calls. Then today I found out that they HIRED someone!!! If she didn't like me, or didn't think I would work out, it would have been nice if someone would have called me to let me know. I liked that store too. :(

So anyway, I am back at square one. This is really depressing.


Blogger Melissa said...

Oh...I know how that goes! How awful that they hired someone and didn't call you. It is highly possible that they "forgot" to call you. Maybe you should talk to the owner again.
Maybe you could ask to be on a design team at a LSS. Sometimes once you have your foot in the door that way they will hire you. Don't give up!!!!
If I hear of anything I will let you know.
Keep your chin up sista, something will come up.
Have a good weekend!
Your friend, Melissa

6:15 PM  
Blogger The Knotty Girl said...

How about doing some private scrapping lessons for those in your area? Its worth a try!

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cannot believe that LSS didn't hire you. you taught those classes in my store and you rocked!

your talent and creativity are awesome. i really wish you could work at my store. i know! move to oregon!!

7:12 AM  

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