Thursday, December 15, 2011

J'adore... Vintage Milk Glass

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But anyway...

Y'all know that I love milk glass. I started collecting it a couple of years ago and have amassed quite a bit of it. I love the way the light hits it. It's not quite as heavy or opaque as china or porcelain. It's so pretty and even the sturdier pieces have a certain delicacy to them. I just love it! I don't think there is a single room in my house, with the exception of Bubba's bedroom, that doesn't have any in it.

Even the dog's dish is milk glass! Um... let's ignore the ugly water container for now, okay? :) It's kind of interesting; I found that dish at a Goodwill for a few dollars, so I picked it up, figuring I'd find a use for it eventually. Well, I saw the same one at the antique mall last week. Apparently it's a candy dish and it's supposed to have a coordinating lid. The handle/finial is a ball with a little pointy spire on it. Mine is missing that piece, so dog dish it is!

I have noticed on Pinterest that there are a lot of photos where people have taken their glass and just stacked it. Do a search for milk glass and you'll see what I mean - stacks and stacks of pretty white glass all bunched together. It looks really cool, so I thought I'd try it with some of my pieces.

I took the dresser that used to hold the television and tucked it in a little space behind my sofa that was just blank wall before. I put a milk glass lamp on top, then lots of other bowls, vases, and serving pieces. With that pale blue wall as a background, it's just so pretty! I love looking over at that little vignette. It makes me smile.

I'm having a few girls over tomorrow night for a little holiday get together. Nothing big - some nibbles, some non-alcoholic punch, maybe a little bit of crafting. I started to get things ready tonight.

Just like Eddie Ross taught me, I've laid out my tablecloth and serving dishes to be sure that I have a dish for everything and space for every dish. I've used a mix of clear glass and my milk glass to bring a little visual interest to my table.

Aw, heck, let's be honest - I really really really just wanted to be able to use my punch bowl along with my pretty milk glass.

Isn't it GORGEOUS? This sucker is HUGE, and super heavy. Unlike the punch bowls they sell in stores now, this one is super thick glass. It also came with eighteen cups!!! I had been admiring the punch bowls at Goodwill for a while, but they were always too ornate, or only had a few cups. When I saw this one, and saw the price tag, I didn't even hesitate before snatching that bad boy up! It's perfect - pretty without being too fancy, and old and sturdy to boot. LOVE.

Of course, there was the issue of it not having a ladle, but a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond remedied that. Did you know you can get a pretty crystal Mikasa punch bowl ladle there for a mere ten dollars? You do now! I even used a coupon. :)

Almost everything on this table came from an antique mall, a rummage sale, or a thrift store. The crystal pitcher was a wedding gift, as were the water glasses. My mother in law got me the glass cake stand for Christmas last year and I found the matching plate and bowl at Goodwill a few months later. The teeny brass spoon is part of a set (five teeny spoons, five teeny forks, and five teeny knives) that my mother found somewhere and thought I would like. I saw just the set of spoons at an antique store for $20! They're made in Thailand. She literally found them, as in, she paid nothing for them.

The gold rimmed egg plate ($2)came from a rummage sale, as did the oval dish($1). The square milk glass dish is part of a set of five for which I paid a couple of dollars each. The napkins are from Pier One. I paid six dollars for the set of eight at a school boutique/craft fair. They were brand new and had the original $7 price tags on each of them. Oh, and those darling milk glass snack plates?

I paid a whopping dollar each at the DI last week for them. They only had two of the matching cups, but that's okay since I have my punch cups. They're very heavy, and so much nicer than just having paper plates would be, don't you think?

I don't really get to entertain much, even though I'd really like to do it more often. I'm so excited to get to pull out all of these pretty things that I've been stashing for a special occasion and use them! I'll post photos of what it looks like once I've got everything filled and ready for company.

It just goes to show you that you don't have to spend a whole bunch of money to have a pretty party! You can have a really nice set up on a budget if you take your time and build your collection slowly.

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Blogger Muffy said...

I love it all of course! Nothing like some milk glass to brighten a tablescape!

3:53 PM  

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