Sunday, October 21, 2012

And Then He Was Four

Last Wednesday night, after Bubba went to bed, we had a flurry of activity in our house.  There were balloons to be inflated, presents to be wrapped, and cupcakes to be baked.

That's right - my boy turned four!

Honestly it freaks me out a bit.  I mean, four is a big kid.  Four is almost old enough to go to school.  Three is still a baby, in a way.  I can still refer to a three year old as a toddler, and a toddler is just an older baby.

But four?  I feel like I'm not old enough to have a child that old!  Of course, every time I think that I remember that not only do people I went to high school with have kids who have already graduated high school, but also that when my mom was my age I had already graduated high school AND she was less than a year away from becoming a grandmother!!!

When did I get old?

We put all the balloons in Bubba's room early on Thursday morning so when he woke up they'd be the first things he saw.  It was so cool to hear his happy squeals when he woke up!  We put his presents on the kitchen table so when he came out into the living room he'd see those next.  I made him a "4" shirt to wear.  I've made a number shirt every birthday so far except for his first one.  :)

He was so excited to get to open presents.

Grandma sent this one.  He's been talking about this Hot Wheels set since August pretty much non stop.

He also got a birthday party set of Littlest Pet Shop toys.  He spent the morning alternating between Hot Wheels and Pets.

We had a play date scheduled for later in the morning.  Unfortunately three of the four people who were supposed to come were sick and had to cancel (I guess it's about that time of year!) but he had lots of fun with his friend who did make it.  They played, decorated foam pumpkins, had lunch, and decorated cupcakes.

Later on in the day he got to play outside with all his neighborhood friends and they all sang him Happy Birthday, which he totally loved.  We came inside and he had his favorite dinner of tortellini pasta, followed by birthday cake.

Of course!  Happy Birthday, little man!



Blogger Muffy said...

He's so big!!! It looks like he had a really happy birthday!

11:21 AM  

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