Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Hutch

The next area up for Halloweenification was my china hutch!

Having a new baby definitely slows down this process!  It took all day to do this.  I had to start with finding temporary homes for all my vintage Pyrex pieces.  As much as I love them, the bright colors do not go with my Halloween decor!  I cleared off the shelves and gave them a good dusting so I could start with a clean canvas.  I went with a heavy pumpkin theme here.

I found this little guy at HomeGoods last year.  I just love primitive items when it comes to Halloween!  I looked this year but they didn't really have anything else like this.  Bummer.

I painted this chip board box last year.  Tutorial here. The pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby via Goodwill.  It says Give Thanks on the other side.  I just turn it around when Halloween is over and VOILA! Thanksgiving decor!

Here we have the BOO letters I did many years ago, some resin pumpkins from Hobby Lobby, a stone pumpkin I found at Goodwill, the Trick or Treat sign I embroidered last year, another Hobby Lobby pumpkin I found at Goodwill, a little glittered F medallion under a tiny glass cloche, and an old radio that one of my mom's friends gave me.

On top I have a large milk glass platter (gift from a friend) with a small dessert plate that was found at the grocery store a few years back, as well as a stone toad my husband bought for me when we were first dating.

I found this vintage Milky Way ad online and just printed it out on cardstock.

As you can tell, I haven't really bought a lot of decor items this year.  I have so much from years past that so far I haven't needed it.  I do seem to have a few extra surfaces with which to contend this year (I have no clue what I'm doing in my entry on the dresser there!) so I will have to buy some stuff.  Oh darn, right?  I also need one more item to finish my mantel display.

I did find this awesome unabridged dictionary while out the other day:

It was only three bucks at the DI!  I wanted something to elevate the plant and thought some large books would fit the bill perfectly.  My husband suggested I check out our local Deseret Industries thrift shop since they had a really large book section.  Well, I arrived to discover that they've reduced it by HALF (lame) but since I was able to score this baby for so cheap (DI prices totally trump Goodwill prices, nearly every time) I forgave them.  The cover isn't very cool looking so I figure I'll cover it or paint it eventually, but for now, I just put it on the table with the pages facing out.  Looks cool that way, I think.

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Blogger Kat said...

you need to meet my friend laura (or me for starters). She is ALL about Halloween decorations.

8:27 AM  

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