Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kelly Bean - Three Months!

Guess which pretty girl turned three months old but her slacker mama forgot to post her benchmark photos?

That's right - this one!

In my own defense, I did take the photos on the 26th, which is an improvement over the previous month where I was a day late.  I just forgot to post them.  See, I have this little battery issue with my laptop where mine is pretty much toast.  I have to keep it plugged in all the time, and therefore it's not convenient to me.  If I want to use it on the sofa, where I usually do most of my computer work while watching television at night, I have to get my husband to lift the couch so I can plug it into the power strip we have hidden under there.


My other option is to stand at the counter where I keep it plugged in, which is a pain too.  Therefore, I have slacked off on computer related tasks.  My Google reader got to over 1000 unread items!  Yikes!  Don't worry though - I have no plans to neglect my chirrens to get caught up.  The "Mark All Items As Read" button has gotten a lot of use lately.  :)

But back to Baby Doll!

She's getting so long!  She's wearing a lot of size six month clothing.  I have some long sleeved onesies that are nine months that fit in length.  We just have to roll up the sleeves a little.

She's taking between 4 and five ounces at a feeding now, as opposed to 2 1/2 to 3 ounces a month ago, so that's good.  I'm sure it's not enough though.  We have all sorts of fun tricks that we use to get her fed.  It's a lot of work!  I don't know how I ended up with two kids that don't want to eat.  Not my genes, y'all.

She rolled over for the first time last week.  She rolled over five times in one day and hasn't done it again since.

Seemingly overnight she's decided that maybe tummy time isn't so bad after all.  She started off falling asleep almost every time we'd set her on her belly, then after the first few weeks she decided we were trying to torture her, and now, she'll happily stay on her belly for a while before getting mad.

She got her first really bad diaper rash right after these pictures were taken too.  Turns out, it was fungal and of course, we noticed it Friday night.  Luckily for us our good friend is a pharmacist with two daughters who has seen this before and knew exactly how to treat it.  She was also working that weekend, so she showed the photos I sent her to the pediatrician in her hospital and he agreed.  A few days of following her recommendations (I honestly never would have thought I'd ever be buying my daughter jock itch cream!) it cleared right up.  

The sprout is still standing high and proud. Sometimes I hold it down with a little barrette but I think it makes my husband sad when it's missing.  :)



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