Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kelly - Two months!

Guess who turned two months old?

This kid.

I know that seems too soon, but actually I'm posting these photos a week late.  I took them on time, but never got around to posting them.

She had her two month pediatrician appointment on the 23rd.  She weighed in at twelve pounds even, which normally is pretty dang good for a two month old.  However, because she had been in for a weight check a week prior and had weighed in at twelve pounds even on that day.  That's right - even though they had us putting formula into her bottles of breast milk to make it more caloric, she still wasn't gaining weight.

They had me pump milk and the lactation consultant checked it out.  She said it's fine.  Funny thing - she could also tell I had asparagus the night before, even though it was maybe only a spear or two worth in some take out Chinese food.  Crazy, huh?  Anyway, she fed her and said she was eating okay.  She said she didn't seem like she was in any pain from eating.  It's a mystery.

They're going to refer us to a GI specialist just to be sure because it's not normal for a baby this big to not want to eat more than two ounces at a time.  She'll take two ounces then act like she needs to be burped, which is normal.  The thing is that she doesn't want to eat any more after that.  If you try to feed her she gets really mad.  As soon as you stop and give her cuddles she calms right down, which is how the lactation consultant knew the baby wasn't in any pain.  If my milk had been upsetting her stomach she said the baby would not be able to be consoled, which makes sense.

Luckily, we've discovered that if we wait twenty minutes or so she can usually be convinced to finish the last two ounces.

Of course, her brother wasn't about to let me take photos of her without getting in on the action himself.

I call that one, "Bubba Out Loud."

and then when I got a few nice ones.

Well, as nice as you can get with your iPhone, which sadly, takes better photos than my point and shoot at this point.  Still, it's better than nothing right?  One day I'll have me a fancy Canon Rebel, but until then, this will have to do.

His sister will one day be terribly jealous of those eyelashes, I think.

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Blogger Kat said...

She is so animated! Totally doesn't even look like a 2 month old- that little face seems so developed. BTW- P totally didn't eat a whole lot but she was tiny from the get-go so I guess I was never surprised.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur pictures are great just the same. and yeah, those lashes are to die for.

6:04 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

Doesn't she know chubby baby thighs are adorable? Eat up, baby girl! (and good luck mom)

7:20 AM  
Blogger em said...

the one of the two of them is perfect! :) love it!!

9:10 PM  

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